NOT ZIDANE! PSG AND MBAPPE CHOSEN A NEW COACH! This name will surprise you! PSG rebuild has started!

NOT ZIDANE! PSG AND MBAPPE CHOSEN A NEW COACH! This name will surprise you! PSG rebuild has started!

Jose Mourinho – another contender for PSG job
The Telegraph
Reliability: 4.5

Another option for PSG is Jose Mourinho. PSG renewed their longtime interest in the Portuguese coach, also under the influence of sporting director Luis Campos, who worked closely with Jose at Real Madrid and maintained a good relationship with the Special One.

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  1. It is amazing how PSG wants more French players in their squad! How come they allowed Madrid to come into their backyard and steal a talent like Camavenga,,, "maybe" they mean "white" French players????

  2. Frenkie should choose Psg instead of Manu if he's leaving cause he'll get into the champions League and can also perform better there and will be better for his selection in the world cup

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  7. I think the reason why Lewy wants to join Barca is that he wants to win the Ballon D'or before he retires and no matter how good they are, players don't win the Ballon D'or from Bayern.

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