No pressure on Darwin Nunez? ‘PERFECT RESPONSE’ from Klopp! – Steve Nicol | ESPN FC

The ESPN FC crew react to Jurgen Klopp’s comments about new signing Darwin Nunez and Steve Nicol completely loves the way Klopp has addressed the pressure on the young Uruguayan.
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  1. Its nice he has a good center forward, its going to be a huge mental & physical challenge in the EPL. However I think Jurgeon needs to concern himself with overall strategy and the lack of concetration from his back line against top opponents and just maybe he could have beaten Madrid.

  2. Klopp didn't mention about him being in the starting lineup, he's talking about he's not going to be expected to score 50 goals a season. That presenter is an idiot. If he scores 20 gaols in total next season I'll be happy because as Klopp said hes a work in progress

  3. Last year 29 games, 6 goal, This year 28 games 26 goals – 1 good season in a rubbish league = £80million. The media are shameless comparing Nunez to Haaland, Haaland same age, harder league 10x more refined and would of got 100 goals in Portugal in 2 seasons not just 32 like Nunez…. 32 in 2 seasons🤣🤣🤣

  4. What Klopp said wouldn't matter to the LFC fans. Deja Vu of Harry Maguire. 80mil fees that crumbled his worth/confidence. Darwin must evolve as a grownup to handle the pressure. Mane, replace you must, young one.

  5. Obviously Nicol is going to Say whatever ot is to make look Klopp and Liverpool look good…doesn't matter what, he will defend Liverpool till the end

  6. If City was to sign darwin for that much stevie would have been flaming them but because liverpool signed him its a fair price and he should start

  7. The difference is with other signings like Lukaku, Pogba and Maguire, is that they all paid for a basically finished product. That’s why there was pressure to perform. Liverpool are paying more so for the potential development and so there’s not a lot of pressure if he doesn’t perform like an 80M signing straight away. Maybe a bit after a couple seasons but by then, the pressure would have died down due to time anyway.

  8. Steve is liverpools #1 d*ck rider, ESPNFC needs to find their football version of JJ Redick. Freshly retired ex-players that played and understands todays game

  9. By the looks of nunez i don't think he is thinking or feeling any pressure.
    And btw Klopp is a genius the way he speak at the right time, he can rule the world and make this planet a better place to live.

  10. He could start if he really shines in pre season matches, but most likely he will be introduced gradually whilst he is taught the Klopp way of playing. He is getting a full pre season of training which will greatly help.

  11. ESPN/Liverpool FC lmao😅 if Man utd signed a player worth the same price tag as Nunez Stevie would have said regardless of what the manager says the player has to succeed at all cost becos of his price tag.🤧

  12. I still think the guy is overrated. His first touch is dodgy sometimes and also his possession retention is not good

    But he is 22, so he can improve. Lets see how he performs overall

  13. the pressure is on klopp and liverpool. we all know psg citys side break ffp with blood money. besides them liverpool is the most expensive side ever assembled. they need to win for 5 years straight. to try and get their legacy back.
    losing to one of the worst sides in real history. is nothing short of embarrassing

  14. Klopp is without a shadow of a doubt the Worlds best man manager in the World 🌍 to me this is a fact, he has made Trent, Robbo, Van Dijk, Alisson, Mane, Salah Henderson, Matip, Konate and these are just a few he has turned from very great players into World 🌍 Class Superstar’s this is why is piers voted the Manager of the Year because of his talent and is well and truly respected around the World 🌍. Happy 21st Birthday Jurgen have a great time. YNWA

  15. No point analysing City or Liverpool it’s what the other teams are not doing and already falling behind the new high press game means you can no longer play footballers 35 plus to do 90 minutes at elite level,not in the premiership,Spurs Chelsea Man U finished so far behind the
    Harland Nunez gap has made it even wider,and this season It won just be Liverpool losing top players to the World Cup who could come back injured or fatigued.

  16. Very soon commentators will be making fools of themselves trying to figure out different ways of saying "Darwin". Just like 10 different Lionel Messi ways. Pretty sure that one was named after Ritchie but you never know

  17. If he flops as Liverpool biggest transfer its huge no matter what Klopp says. The boy knows its PR and he is under huge pressure. Liverpool season depends on him if Mane leaves if any chance of winning PL.
    Everyone watching to see if Liverpool can compete and all eyes on him.

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