No More Bling-Bling PSG | ESPN FC TV Podcast

The ESPN FC crew react to PSG President Nasser Al-Khelaifi’s comments in which he says PSG need to move away from their “bling-bling” style and argue what this means for their flashiest player, Neymar. Plus, the guys take a look back at Chelsea’s most expensive transfers over the years and question how it always goes wrong for the Blues’ big money signings.
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  1. Neymar is not the problem. He is a magician. The Manager needs to put his foot down and get rid of all the bad blood between the players. The players don’t get along with each other.

  2. He'll help PSG win a lot domestically but Neymar isn't elite. He had old-heads like Modric and Lewy pass him, and new ones like KDB and Salah do the same. He never delivered even after leaving Messi to become the king. He ended up being a jester

  3. I love Neymar. For me he is the most talented player behind Lionel Messi. I’m tired of people hating on him. He is the most skillful player in the world and deserves a lot more respect. Without him, football wouldn’t be any fun.

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