Neymar Seperates Richarlison And Vinícius After Altercation, Messi Sets New Record With Argentina

Richarlison and Vinicius came to blows during a training session with Brazil. After their altercation, Richarlison took to social media to offer his view on events. Lionel Messi continues to create history with Argentina. As for Karim Benzema, responded to La Pulga’s comments on the Ballon d’Or race.

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Leo Messi Responds To Mbappé’s Criticism Of The Level Of South American Football:


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  1. I mean vini should keep quiet he isn't in any position to make any judgement on any player , talking like he is an all time great or something..this was like the first season he is actually playing good , he should keep his ego in check.

  2. When reporting on news about "altercations" between players like Vini, you should always remind us that they are teens, and most likely just messing around with each other as we all did at that age

  3. Messi is ALWAYS happy when he plays for Argentina. He brings his amazing skill and energy to every match. I hope he'll have a better season in Ligue 1 next season

  4. This channel is exactly why fake news will never become extinct – no research into a story plus trigger happy fingers gunning for 'likes' and chatter.
    What a waste of a channel.

  5. If this was a 'fight' then these clown news outlets and reporters probably cries for an hour should they bump into something or roll over

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