Newcastle and Stepping Stone Players

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Newcastle United want Champions League football. But they are a long way from achieving that with the current squad of players. However, would Champions League quality players want to join Newcastle in their current state?

So, how do they make that jump? With Stepping-Stone players. Seb Stafford-Bloor explains what they are, Marco Bevilacqua illustrates.

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  1. It will be harder for Newcastle to get into the Champions League than Man City.

    There is FFP to consider, as well as the Top 4 being stronger than in 2009 or 2010.

  2. Yes, but is Eddie Howe going to be able to attract really high-quality players? He did an amazing job will the current squad but will Over seas players that have never heard of this guy be convinced?

  3. Some of the Man City transfers were only seen as stepping stone in hindsight. Santa Cruz and adebayor had big expectations and were some of the leading strikers. I don't think city expected then to need to be replaced so soon. Players are only regarded as stepping stone players in hindsight, if they need to be replaced it's usually a sign the recruitment wasn't good enough. Zabaleta and kompany were both keey but signed way before.

  4. In the past Chelsea & City and now Newcastle. They are going to hurt big teams like Manchester United Arsenal and mid level teams like Spurs and West Ham in the near future.

    However the future is bright for Newcastle.

  5. How about this:
    A stepping stone player can become an all round player with the right conditions and atmosphere. Take Zlatan Ibrahimovic for example. After joining Ajax, he was initially brought in to boost Ajax's attacking power which was stacked but shifting from a generation of old players to new ones. He was not trusted at first but later became one of the best attackers. Now he's in Europe's elite strikers list, having carried the league with almost all his teams. Another prime example is Giroud. The Arsenal striker was in Chelsea more like a stepping stone player when they needed to acquire new talent but got banned from it. When he moved to AC Milan, he revamped and became a complete striker even as he's been long doubted of ever becoming.

  6. Tifo Football is such high quality football content. It would be a dream to be a part of anything close to them in regards to a football journalism career 👏 great stuff guys

  7. Would love to see the dynamic and intrigue of league with Newcastle as perennial top 6 challengers, would really add some freshness and change to the top.

  8. Why are many Newcastle and Epl fans happy for the take over of very very wealthy individuals?

    I thought ya'll were chanting rich people wanting to steal football from poor people.


  9. Hey guys, great video you’ve got here. Super interesting topic as always. However, the background music is way too serious. Any chance the fun and chill background music could make a return next time?

  10. This video is just wrong. It’s almost suggesting that City intentionally signed players that they knew weren’t going to perform which wasn’t the case at all. They made a lot of signings, some paid off, some didn’t but the intention was always to improve the squad.

    Newcastles approach seems different in the sense that they aren’t throwing money at anything that moves, they are trying to sign gradual improvements with a view of upgrading over time.

    Once again, this a very confusing video and I’m not really too sure why it was created. Poorly researched and no real point to it, I can’t even work out what you are trying to say City’s plan was.

    A stepping stone signing is a player that is improvement on the current player you own in a certain position, but is not at the level you hope the club will be at in the next 5 years. It’s someone like Matt Target who is a good PL left back, better than Matt Ritchie but that won’t win you a title. He will likely start for the next 2 or 3 seasons, then be shifted out.

    A stepping stone signing is not what this video seems to be suggesting with the likes of Santa Cruz, Robinho and Adebayor. These were signings that City made off strategy, to avoid having to do a stepping stone and hoping they would hit the jackpot. These signings did not work out, so trying to say they did is just odd.

  11. Still can’t get over that Newcastle are allowed to do this but AC Milan got banned a year from European football because of spending.

  12. This is an interesting change of dynamic. Newcastle regularly pitched itself in the Mike Ashley era as a stepping stone to players in a different sense, where players could briefly play well at PL level so they could earn a big move on later (though admittedly this worked better for some than others). Approaching this the other way where the club is looking for stepping stones is an interesting way to build the squad but may just work if done right

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