Mbappe Loses His Control After Shocking News About His Decisions at PSG!

Mbappe Loses His Control After Shocking News About His Decisions at PSG!

Mbappe to sell Neymar? Furious Kylian!
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“PSG” forward Kylian Mbappe responded to talks about his requests. Sportbible published an article based on other sources, claiming that the striker, after re-signing for the club, got the right to affect roster decisions, and asked to get rid of 14 team representatives, including attackers Neymar and Mauro Icardi, head coach Mauricio Pochettino, midfielders Julian Draxler and Leandro Paredes and others. On his Twitter page, Mbappe called this info untrue, using the word “Fake”. The article was subsequently removed later on.

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    Salah….. Remember Torres. You were warned.
    I think Tebas needs to be invested. All his decisions are pointed towards Barcelona being negatively affected and Real Madrid is his favorite club…🤔
    Lukaku to Barcelona is a dumb move.
    Spain threw away the game vs Portugal

  2. Let's be honest, Barça could sign Lukaku if they want to waste their time with trial and error; but truth is: he can't play Barça's football, he's nothing compared to Hazard in Madrid.

  3. I don't care what ppl say psg will never win a champions league title they just not at the level as other big clubs 3 of the best players in the team and still couldn't even beat a madrid 😆

  4. Why real Madrid fans are so concerned about him…it's very doubtful this is his choice,no need to worried ,moreover nothing's have going to be changed.

  5. This is just pissing me off when the bigger clubs are more consistent about selling an a highly potential players who were just getting adapted to the team and even a high quality players the only thing they care about is oil money and not even on developing youngsters and other Players who needed a push for their career the world of football is just not the same anymore…

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