Mbappe driving Madrid crazy as Champions League final looms large

With Liverpool and Real Madrid set to renew rivalries in the final of this year’s Champions League, there has been a lot of talk about which team has the upper hand heading into the encounter which happens on May 28. Obviously everyone has their own predictions but one former player has made a statement which a lot of people might not appreciate and might even consider scandalous.

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  1. Madrid fans are really cocky bout this one, no one deserves it more than them, give me a break, the same applies to Liverpool so basically both teams deserve but at the ends of the day, one will come out as champions and one as runners up.

    I'm be ruding to Klopp and Co all the way. C'mon reds beat the kings of europe and establish yourselves!!! No has beaten them in the final over the last decade. Be the team that beat them today!!

  2. Hello everyone I'm Realmadrid diehaert fan, I want to advice Perez and all Madrid management my advice is that please you suppose to close door for Mbappe to realmadrid at all.

  3. Real acting like little princesses, what you want, all best players at your club? Where's the competition that? Cunts! Congrats to mbape for not bowing dwn!

  4. Lets all be Real, they’re in that position because Donnorumma and Mendy foolish mistakes. Easy win for Liverpool

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