Mbappé Denies Wanting To Kick Neymar And Pochettino Out Of PSG, Neymar Mocks Argentina's Win

Kylian Mbappé would have made a list of 14 people to leave Paris Saint-Germain. Among these people: Mauricio Pochettino and Neymar. For his part, Neymar has excelled in the national team and did not fail to poke fun at Argentina’s victory at the end of La Finalissima.

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Lewandowski Ready To Do Anything To Leave Bayern, Busquets Sends A Message To Cristiano Ronaldo:


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  1. Mbappe Is just a boy with no experience in the decision makings of the club furthermore wanting the club to sell the guy who made him shine in the world of football in that farmer's league (neymar) on the transfer market that's just being rude no offence

  2. Even 10 years old kid can say it's fake news 😂 please ..even prestigious companies and media's make foolishness statements.most of your news are fake 😂

  3. He definitely wants Neymar gone, he wants to be the only superstar and he wants a team that plays his game and his game only. Instead of playing his best game and natural earning the crown he’s trying to legislate being the center of the club. This guy will never be a top player in my eyes, he’s just forcing everyone to accept him as the best by scheming and plotting as opposed to just playing the best and earning it

  4. But but these are actually persons who need to leave the club indeed to get much better players…..and I don't think neymar asked the right question because Argentina have won a world cup before he should have asked how many times did Argentina win the worldcup compare to Brazil

  5. MBAPPE as PSG director
    Rejected by Zidane
    Rejected by tchouameni
    Rejected by pobgba
    Rejected by Dembele
    Rejected by leno
    What an amazing director at all players are rejecting mbappe era 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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