‘Maybe he wanted to prove a point’ Does Courtois deserve more respect after triumph? | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Gab Marcotti and Julien Laurens talk on why Thibaut Courtois should be a respected goalkeeper on the Gab & Juls Show. Plus, discuss the different ways and motivation players psych themselves up with to play better.

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  1. English media disrespected him.he is goal keeper of greatest soccer club in world. So don’t know how he is not in the first 10 list of goal keepers.

  2. yea he is well deserved to be the best goalkeeper in the world also.. its not his fault he was in atl mad where they cant score, which is the point of the game, not to just defend and blocks cough cough cholo cough cough atl mad AND england just need to learn how to lose respectfully and learn from their mistakes

  3. There’s nothing wrong with Curtois doing that; Michael Jordan did the same thing. He b made up stories of what other supposedly said about him and used them as motivation. And look where it got him.

  4. Respect is earned, not demanded. Sure he deserves respect, but he shouldn’t or should never mention that they disrespected him by putting him below the top 10. Just let your actions show.

    He’s been good and consistent, but only recently has he been the best.

    He hasn’t been the best goalkeeper for the past 3 years.

  5. Cheesy? I love seeing these things, athletes being motivated! Better this to prove themselves being the best of the best than other players who care more about more money 👀👀👀

  6. Its all started by the way he left us{Chelsea} and on top of that he replaced the well loved{ and deservingly so} top GK Navas in RM. His world class level was never in doubt for me and he proved it from day one in RM. In my book he is in the top 5-6 GK in the world for the past decade and arguably the best one right now.

  7. Players use whatever they possibly can to get an edge. There has been actual peer reviewed research that shows professional players in elite sport get more religious and spiritual just so they can have more motivation and win games. And when they retire they actually stop believing in those sort of things. So if elite sports can effect whether you believe in a higher power or not, having a list as your motivation is nothing compared to that.

  8. I’m Real Madrid Club member since 86, and I can tell you, since couple of seasons he is no doubt the best GK I have seen in Real Madrid, and RMA has had pretty good ones these 35 years. So, when I see pundits in Europe, or Ballon d’Or voters, etc. leaving Courtois outside a top 5, or even top 10, I just cannot help but laugh.
    Don’t know Alisson, Ederson, Mendy, because I don’t watch all their games, they might be slightly better, I don’t know, but not much better, because that’s impossible. Literally.

  9. what else must Madrid do to be favorites in the CL, every year they win the CL happens to be the year everyone berates them. When will pundits learn to respect On Madrid as a whole

  10. I think he has a point. People are entitled to their own opinions about who is the best goalkeeper and all that, but all Courtois wants is the media, especially in England, to acknowledge some of his great performances this season, especially in the Champions League.

    He's EARNED some respect at least, especially after THAT performance in the Champions League final.

  11. Yes, courtoris definitely need respect especially how he didn't turn up for training to force a move else where, show how a professional he was. He definitely deserve the respect as he is a role model for all young players who decides to turn pro and want a change of scenery just dun turn up for training to force a move elsewhere.👏 well played from courtoris, top top professionism from him. Well deserved. 👏

  12. Courtois has been the best keeper in the world for the past 2-3 years and he got no credit….in England he was a meme…always being clowned for conceding goals through his legs and all that…Man deserves Respect

  13. Why is it everytime a keeper gets MOTM against Liverpool in CL then all of a sudden he’s best in the world. Same thing happened to Oblak 2 years ago when Liverpool lost against Athletico?

  14. Nice guy? that was banging Kevin debruyne's GF ? who needs enemies eh? there is something about him that is so unlikeable..but you need need much else if he did that to a supposed friend and team mate.

  15. Jules, your silence on ucl final stadium mess in France is very deafening. Do your journalism job!

    Update: gabs n Juls podcast finally address this issue on Monday. Can’t help but still disappointed how late he addressed this issue as a French journalist when Ogden n Jan have been all over this issue on their accounts. Also no condemning of the French authorities in his social media either.

  16. Courtois is a great goalkeeper but he lost my respect the day he betrayed my club period . A snake will always be a snake 🐍.

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