Mark Ogden details Liverpool fans pepper sprayed before UCL final vs. Real Madrid | ESPN FC

Mark Ogden joins Alexis Nunes on ESPN FC to discuss Liverpool fans getting pepper sprayed outside the stadium before the UEFA Champions League final.

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  1. All these Liverpool tears the last week or so have been PERFECT, pepper spraying them is the icing on the cake. Thanks Agent Carlo 😎

  2. Heysel wasn't their fault
    Hillsborough wasn't their fault
    This won't be their fault
    Nothing is ever their fault everyone just has it in for Liverpool it seems.
    Push and you will get crushed!

  3. I wish i was a madrid and not a fan of a loser premier league fan,it's time every one talks loud about how big losers all epl clubs are they always lose in important finals against foreign clubs, ever since they invented this sports, i think this losing habit and mentality will never go away in million years

  4. Someone correct me if I’m wrong , but this isn’t the first time the France/ Paris police have over reacted and been heavy handed with fans ? I’m sure this has happened before

  5. They jumped the barriers and then the police responded with crowd control measures.

    Why does this happen with Liverpool supporters at cup games? This is repeat issues with crowds jumping ticketing, then claiming to be the victim!

  6. It was the wrong country to host a final. The French are incompetent when it comes to organisation, they can’t even stop a few boats crossing the channel. A shrug of the shoulders and they go back to sleep.

  7. Something went wrong and it never looks good when UEFA changes its account MULTIPLE TIMES, then falls back on the 'let's blame the fans plan'. Observers inside and outside the stadium were reporting something was not right before the match. Luckily something far worse did not happen.

    And Liverpool defender Andy Robertson recounted after the game that official tickets given by UEFA to the club to be handed to family and friends were accused of being fakes. Heavy-handed Gendarmerie with trigger happy and reckless use of pepper spray. I am neither a Liverpool fan nor a Real Madrid fan, but it is strange that there were no reports of any trouble till it went wrong outside the stadium, It is better if an investigation takes place quickly

  8. It’s obvious people if over 100,000 scum pool fans are there yet they can only fit 81,000 people and 30,000 of them a Real Madrid fans where do you think the problem lies with us English scum

  9. Stop trying to make us English perfect I’ve seen plenty of pictures of those scummy scousers trying to break in disgusting England isn’t perfect how dare you slate the French for are peoples fault I would actually blame you for pointing fingers you scummy people

  10. It's a Liverpool fans tactic. walk on mass holding up fake tickets hoping the authorities will be overwhelmed and let them in.
    They need to be banned for at least 10 years.

  11. Most of the "young French men" trying to illegally jump over the gates were very similar to those whom I see arriving on our shores in dinghies most days. In fact the outer perimeter area just looked like a battleground between desperate antagonistic "locals" trying to get into the stadium and French authorities trying to restore order. Liverpool supporters were just unfairly caught up in the middle of this. As usual, the French stand firm on their patch when it comes to misbehaviour whilst us English have to unfairly reap the consequences of the behaviour of a minority who act as though they are above the law and who have nothing in common with us.

  12. British fans always treated like this. UEFA funnelled 20, 000 fans through an alley 1 m wide then go through only 2 turnstiles. Robertson gave an official genuine ticket to his Friend and at the turnstiles it was flagged as fake. So much misorganisation.

  13. Liverpool fans cried twice … first from tear gas and second after losing 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 get home and get back to reality quad dreamers

  14. This type of mismanagement also happened at Euro 2016. Entry to the Parc de Prince (for two Northern Ireland games) was painfully slow. It was like children running the show, t’was close to kick-off and the line of around 1,000 fans was barely moving. It was shambolic, woefully inadequate, and zero urgency. Although we didn’t get pepper sprayed. ☹️

    Clearly no lessons have been learned.

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