Manchester City? Liverpool? Just a guessing game? Who's winning the next Champions League? | ESPN FC

Craig Burley, Shaka Hislop, Julien Laurens and Stewart Robson make their predictions on ESPN FC as to who will win the Champions League next year.

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  1. My God you people! If you think they are such pundits why do you watch them? You do it just for the pleasure of aggravating people with your comments? You need a place to vent from all your problems? If you watch the whole episode you will see how they mock each other about their last year predictions. Don't you get it? Go watch Sky instead, or Futbol picante or el Chiringuito! Good riddance!

  2. Winning as a favorite is lame.
    Losing as a favorite is bitter.
    Winning as an underdog is sweet.
    No complaint from a Madrid fan. English pundits’ unfavorable predictions seem to work in the favor of Madrid lol

  3. Nobody can predict who's is going to win the champion league..most of the guys on espn were wrong last time and they already predicting again..I say its anybodys Cup as long as they stay consistent!!do not forget there's been many upset s before!!!

  4. Pathetic analysis overall.
    Real Madrid is by faaaaar the most successful club in European history, yet Man City a club that has won zero champions leagues are favourites?
    These guys are obviously paid to talk so much BS.
    Hats off to Craig Burley.

  5. City haven't won the CL yet???,well there is always the first time, very difficult yes,but doable, now it all depends from our transfer window to be successful and Haaland smashing it,if City sign Cucurella and Kalvin to help us in games that we can relax on Rodri and either Walker or Cancelo,that would be a boost in its own, now if only we lose gabby and keep the rest, well our squad depth and quality would be difficult to ignore,look I'm not gonna say who's gonna win it, but I can't think behind City,RM,Liverpool atm, look things can change come February and you have to qualify first, but these 3 teams are very potential, call me bias but is my opinion.

  6. I think Craig has a point though. We really don't know what everybody is gonna do i
    during the Transfer Window. If Barcelona were to get Di Maria, Lewandowski, Bernardo, Kounde, proper Full Backs and Renew Dembele, then I think they shouldn't be underestimated

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