Man United CEO down to the pub?! ESPN FC reacts 👀 🍻

The ESPN FC crew dissect Richard Arnold’s comments made about the state of Manchester United and their transfers while addressing fans down at the pub.
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  1. “The glazers have invested” Glazer have NEVER spent a penny of their own money. It was a leveraged buyout, the club spends its own money while they take dividends out of club AND they dumped the buyout debt onto the club. GLAZERS OUT.

  2. The reason the Glazers own the club is because the previous owners sold out after being harassed by United fans supporting Fergie over the horse Rock of Gibraltar.

  3. Commercial and football in a club come parallel to each other so why wud investors come to Man U if the football side not proving their worth ? Not even the players are worth to be sponsored!!😝😝

  4. Like in the 90's when liverpool came to their end. They didn't keep up with the change in football.. now man utd didn't keep up. Pep and klopp , now tuchel, they have changed the height of the bar .. its a very tough league throughout, .. there was a big 4 then big 6 soon big 8 then so on and so on..

  5. The entitlement of United supporters is simply staggering. Don't dump in enough funds? Are they serious? It's farcical. United's management have brought in superstar after superstar of late, dumping hundreds of millions of GPB into the squad. And they complain when the family takes some dividends out? Utterly classless, tantrum-having toddlers. If only they had the slightest clue how lucky they are to have that sort of financial backing.

    I really hope United continue to slip further down the table. Not because of the Club itself, but because of the supporters. They really need a few decades of humbling, truly. Perhaps that's City and Liverpool's greatest contribution to the rest of the league.

  6. Blah Blah Blah!!!!!!… the glazer’s must go end of story. We need real owners that are determined to make sh*t happen. Whatever the cost we are Man Utd!!!!!!.

  7. Also, the Glazers try to pull strings about who gets bought and sacking Managers that havent met their demands. 1 billion spent over multiple different managers means – jigsaw of players to suit the way a particular manager wants to play.

    They dot fit a single cohesive approach/style and thats mostly why it hasnt worked. No identity in the style of play – Im not surprised the players have been rubbish – They are getting pulled from Pillar to post with these changes

  8. Only time will tell. United a laughing stock, club run by people who haven't a clue. Frustrating beyond words other clubs way ahead. United can't sell players can't buy players and do have to question what is the plan?

  9. Jesus Christ, ESPN don’t half put a spin on things, actual fans of the club are pleased at what Richard Arnold said, and are more pissed off at the lads who leaked it.

    The man’s family were about to have 10 lads from the pub round at their house shouting for the Glazers to die or leave or whatever – does Richard Arnold have a wife and kids?

    If so, then he did the EXACT right thing. Anyone who thinks any different, is an absolute moron.

    He could have told those lads anything he wanted, but he was VERY fair with them.

    Top bloke, I’m WELL impressed with him.

    A million times better than Ed Woodward already.

  10. The main problem has always been refusing to move with the trend in the structure of a football club since Fergie left. That was the mistake Ed Woodward made. Thinking he and the manager at any point in time can pull it off like Fergie did with David gill and Kenyon. Now that they’ve formed a better structure, it’s starting to make sense. The only thing now that can help is to make sure they always go for the best to fill up those positions, not just anybody or make it a job for the boys.

  11. the down side of this is that even tho Glazers suck Richard is a nice and honest man and he kinda cares about the club but seens he has been recorded secretly i don't think he will come out and speak to them for a 2nd time and i do think that the Glazers are afraid of more protests like in the Liv one cause otherwise they wouldn't have sacked Woodward

  12. So what if you sent 1 billion. The problem is that they don't know anything about football, so they brought all the wrong players. Football people are not in charge. It's not a business its a football club first.
    The club must be sold. People that love football should be alarmed by the Glazers about how they are destroying football for greed.

  13. The Glaziers have the right to their dividend. They expect returns of their investment. There is no such thing as charity where business is concern. You just don't use that as an excuse for the club failure. Its the football management that is a big failure and they should be terminated.

  14. Burley has an opinion on every aspect with any thing associated with Manchester United. Yes, he gets paid, but his continued slandering of the club at every level is annoying. He will eat his words in the next few seasons.

  15. What in the world is this Dawson chap on about. United fan channels have responded quite positively to what Arnold did and said. He was man enough to go out of his own house and meet fans and talk to them. And describing last season as a "f**king nightmare" is not "PR Talk" unless if you went to the Gordon Ramsay school of Communications.

    Surely ESPN. Come on.

  16. For all you arguing the glazers don't care or don't want to win, lemme just point out their NFL franchise is doing very well rn, proof that they can successfully run a sports team

  17. I worked in an organization that had bad managers and you stepping into a situation you have nothing to do with their incompetency is very difficult

  18. Rob Dawson working hard to create a narrative that Arnold said anything wrong.. this negative spin journalism needs to be rooted out and condemned.

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