Luka Modric RENEWS! Are Barcelona even able to sign players?! | LaLiga Insiders | ESPN FC

Rodrigo Faez and Gemma Soler are back with ESPN FC’s later edition of LaLiga Insiders.
0:00 Luka Modric renewing his Real Madrid contract
1:20 Gemma’s update on Barcelona’s transfer news.
2:10 Xavi’s concerns.
3:02 A farewell tribute to Marcelo at Real Madrid.
5:00 Could Liverpool be after a Barca youngster?
5:45 Thibaut Courtois was injured heading into the UCL final!
7:00 Gemma talking to Courtois during the UCL final.
7:45 Sevilla players who would move.
(Parade footage via Real Madrid/Twitter)
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  1. Find it funny how some folks in the comment section are saying Barca midfield of Xavi, Iniesta and Busquets were way more superior to Madrid’s midfield of Modric, kross and casemeiro. Don’t get me wrong that Barca’s midfield was great and all, but Madrid’s midfield has won more champions league titles then Barca’s whole history. Let that sink in for a bit.

  2. I must say Barca really screwed it up with Dembele. Not because he's leaving but because he's leaving on a free, and if you include his salary and transfer fee that's like 150 million euros hole in your pocket. So much losses with him, Coutinho and Griezmann. And when you're not a state club with unlimited money, this mistakes can ruin a club.

  3. i didnt get how they could sign ferran torres but now they couldnt even register sergi roberto new contract. if the situation has always been this pressing, adama, auba and especially ferran at 60 million couldnt possibly be registered on january.

  4. They're about to sign Lewandowski and as a Real Madrid fan, that's one signing we can't ignore. He will immediately make them 3x better because he will finish all those chances that go begging. The only positive is Dembele leaving

  5. For a club who dont produce any players to First Team from Academy and was dominated by PSG,City and Liverpool ,Madrid have a lot of confidence . They count their lucky stars but im not impress

  6. Xavi, iniesta, and busque dominated any team.

    Modric casemero and kroos dominated no one but we're dominated, but some how won.
    Even a un technical henderson, fabinho and injured thiago dominated you but u had that one chance
    Coming from lfc fan.

  7. Modric is up there, if not best ever, with the greatest midfielders of all time. He deserved everything he won and even more. There are number of midfielders that can be compared to him from past; Xavi, Zidane, Iniesta, Seedorf, Rijkaard, Maradona, Mathaus, Pirlo, Scholes , Lampard, Cruyff, Zico, Kaka, Figo, and many great players, but Modric is really unique player that ever existed, the most complete one! Every other of these legends had something great but none of them had everything!

  8. More Gemma is always good.
    That said, Barca has massive rebuilding and no on-field spine, while Madrid are moving from strength to strength. if they get Aurelien, Dybala and Angelino, maybe a Koulibaly… it's over

  9. La Liga president shows recently that he's not independent. He wants to suffocate Barcelona with his overacted restrictions to the club which makes little sense to understand.

  10. Courtois is talking about people putting respect on his name, it's time people start putting respect on Modric's name

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