Luka Modrić Mocks Mo Salah After Champions League Final Defeat

Rodrygo has revealed that Luka Modric made a cheeky remark to Mo Salah after Real Madrid beat Liverpool to claim their 14th Champions League crown. Leonardo has been discussing his departure from PSG and revealed whether Mbappe had any part to play in his sacking. Meanwhile, Xavi and Gerard Pique have made a pact that will see the veteran defender stay at the Camp Nou.

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  1. Rodrygo said: "We were doing the court of honor (pasillo] to Liverpool's players after the game. Salah was all bummed and Modric, from the other side, greet him and said:"Its ok,its ok. Try again next year."

  2. I don't believe modric could say something like that with that intention. If it was Kroos or some other madrid player I would have accepted it.

    Modric is really humble and down to earth player. He is one of the best midfielders of all time

  3. If Luka DID mean to mock him, Mo deserved it because he was showing off with his saying "you have to admit that I'm the best player in the world"

    Or something along those lines

  4. they wanted to get fa cup carbao cup ucl and epl

    all they got was the mickey mouse trophies lol

    to confident salah..too much confidence

  5. idc ho ever reported this fake or not but man salah was very arrogant b4 that a player u should respect the opponent anyways he asked for madrid lol

  6. Bro it’s not like Modric said – ‘haha you Egyptian pussy, you got bodied by Ramos like a Chinese tinpot and now you want to play against the greatest club of all time just to get humiliated like the clown u r’

  7. this is wrong, he didnt mock him. it was more like better luck next time. that is good sportsmanship. in any case, even if he mocked salah he pretty much deserved it for his awful comments

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