Liverpool to SIGN Darwin Nunez ✅ £85m BID expected to HIJACK Man United

Liverpool want to sign Darwin Nunez and are prepared to smash their transfer record to get him. Nunez keen on Liverpool, Man United and Atletico Madrid also interested in him.

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  1. Clubs like PSG ManU Madrid Barca have caused these inflated prices. Nunes is class and will be even better in a LFC team. Pay 60-70M and thats a good deal for a young lad

  2. 😂😂 I know someone inside the club who says Liverpool are going to bid for Son I know someone inside Tottenham that would tell them to f—k right off.

  3. Another reason why he is that high, Nunez because his release clause which Benfica are willing to forgo is 150 million euros which is about 130-135 million pounds. But the only way that happens, is if they can get most of that price release clause, so if Benfica did put that release clause, then they knew when they bought him he would be a class player. So as a Liverpool fan, I want to get him because we need a replacement for Origi, we need a out and out goalscorer (remember Liverpool fans, we had 3 finals this year and we didn't score one goal in those finals) and he definitely fits the bill.

  4. u bought andy Carroll for 35 million pound in 2011
    an English man who is not talented but fear to buy a South American player
    will u complain about price tag if he was English player

  5. So klopp can only improve players but can develop them? Since he came only buying except Arnold but arteta has developed more in a short career

  6. Terry if united sign Nunez then united are going to play in a 442 diamond i think. That would be a problem for Sancho and maybe Rashford. So thats the reason i hope they dont buy him.

  7. Most can't understand the valuation of Darwin Nunes without ever seeing a game from the portuguese league. The previus season Darwin scored 14 and assisted 12 playing as a left winger making plays for Luca Waldschmit. This season he scored 34 playing as a forward, with Everton cebolinha in the left that was awful, and with Rafa Silva in the right side that was injured most of the time. Darwin and Gonçalo Ramos were the only 2 good players in Benfica this season. About if he is good enough to respond to Haaland, no he isn't, is he worth the 100 million €, no. But how much will he cost if he has another 34 goals season?

  8. Terry thank you. Inter signing both Dybala and Lukaku makes sense It also gives Levy the opportunity to get Martnez in where he failed last year. Luckiest man alive. Don't be surprised if soon you hear Martinez has handed in a transfer request. Arsenal will get Jesus but Spurs will get Martinez the pieces are failing in to place transfer dominoes. I won't be surprised if it Martinez and not Bastoni Spurs are interested in if not both. Utd need a top Dm and with Phillips injured I'm not sure where they will go but it is a something the Glazers have been putting off for a while but it's a necessity now. Matic was to old and Fred and McTominany are nowhere near the levels of Carrick or Keane.Other the top two everyone else has let there standards drop and the fans today don't remember the quality from Yesterday. I remember dreading Spurs playing Utd as we always got spanked 4-1 or even lead at halftime only to get crushed at fulltime. standards. Fans like yourself me Lee Gunner Savva Brian Daghul are considered Legacy fans because we remember the levels set by our teams and want it to remain that way.
    Big Up keep up the good work

  9. The amount of retards on your show is mind boggling. 1st u have Mohammed the FSG accountant and then the Irish fella talking through his arse without even seeing Nunez play. When has Klopp ever failed with a transfer up front???? Fucking clowns. VVD said he was in top 5 best strikers ever marked, but hey, Mohamed from TFT knows more

  10. FSG are good bargainers, it'll probably be £39 million price tag, with up to £40 million 'add ons' depending on performance and results

  11. I must admit even as a Spurs fan.
    I love Liverpool's transfer business so far. Nunez would be the another part of the jigsaw in replacing there front 3. Salah and with staying it gives them another season to find another right winger.
    Diaz coming in means they have there replacement for Mane.Nunez would replacement for Origi and allow an aging Roberto Firmino along with With Jota to be backup.The new front three would rival that of Manchester City with Haaland.

  12. Nunez is a Halaand type of striker and different to what Liverpool have, with Origi leaving so it gives Liverpool a different dimension. He is young, Raw and I think it will be a good move for sure.

  13. Inflation is a myth Terry look at Serie A or the Bundesliga they sign players incredibly cheap it's only the Premier League where we spend stupid amounts because teams know how to fleece us 💰Pogba's move from Juve to Man U is still one of the best heists in history of football but Leicester City beated that with selling a 80m fridge.
    Lukaku to chelsea 100m another daylight robbery from a Italian club in Inter Milan.

  14. These Liverpool fans are getting more emotional as the seasons goes by.its not our money so buy the player if you need goals imagine him with Diaz and salah.thats what it's about building

  15. Osimhen and Nunez fees have been pushed up to stupid heights and Man U and Liverpool are falling for it, Man U do have a history of buying overhyped players Pogba and Maguire 😂Nunez is a quality player yes but he is not a 100m player 👀but if clubs are this desperate they will pay..City started the desperation with Haaland arrival now Liverpool have to match that💪.

  16. I now know why many fans are against the Núñez signing especially the hipster types 😄 basically there's a heavily edited video titled: What YouTubers don't show you about Núñez << a very misleading video with all his mistakes edited in to one video to make him look bad. You can create this type of complication for any player by carefully handpicking all their mistakes in order to make them look bad. Unfortunately the casuals & those of low intelligence will swallow it up as truth/reality.

    I've made my thoughts clear on Núñez – I think he's immensely talented but a little raw & rough around the edges but if EtH wants him then I will back him & be very happy with the signing. If Liverpool snatch then fair-play, I think Klopp could do wonders with him 🙂 & yes if he picks Liverpool over us he would have rejected us & vice versa if we manage to sign him, it happens, no big deal (no pun intended)

  17. Guys strikers are supposed to score goals why do they need to be great passers!!! He scored 34 goals last season in a team that played UCL Football I dnt care about his pass completion rate!!!! He is a goalscorer, what is his goals to game ratio???

  18. Shows you what a difficult a market it is for strikers when someone who's had one good season in an average league goes for £85M. I don't care how much of a potential he has, £85M for Nunez would simply be outrageous! I can't see Liverpool paying that much for him, Man Utd would though and would offer high wages, so it's a tricky one as to where he goes.

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