"LISTEN TO ME!" – This Is How Pique Shocked Laporta and Barcelona!

“LISTEN TO ME!” – This Is How Pique Shocked Laporta and Barcelona!

Here’s what Piqué said to Laporta
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During a meeting with Joan Laporta Gerard Pique stated that he would like to be in Barcelona’s first team. Piqué promised to concentrate himself only on football matters. He will cease his business management for the next two years, until his contract with Barcelona expires. What’s more, Gerard said that he intends to fight for his place in the starting lineup of Barcelona. “If you dare, bring the best centre-back in the world and he will come to be a substitute.,” – Piqué claimed in a conversation with Laporta.

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  1. I saw someone comment Messi ballon d or and have to ask this simple question ….. When will you guys stop thinking about Ronaldo? its 2022 🤣

  2. Actually France and Brazil was my favorite but when I watch unl I lose hope for France coz no only once but last in the group.. N Portugal seems to be strong.. And Brazil as it stands as it is..

  3. La Liga had the world best superstars for YEARSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS now that the premier is taking over and their league is getting unattractive they getting mad and trying to start super league to stay on top. Lol and they say money don’t buy happiness.

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