1. It's true. First leg in Paris PSG played their best game of the season. If they won that they could have gone very far. But Madrid didn't let that happen.

  2. A Great footballer will always respect his enemies, give the respect they deserve and praise their effort. That's what Messi does. Not like some old Legends, despite being such a great Goal Scorers; always belittling Messi for no apparent reason.
    P.S: May be they fear that Messi is the only guy close to him, if not better than him and can break all their records in every aspect of football. Reminds me of some guys, who were talking about Messi's Personality and Leading Capabilities, out of nowhere for no apparent reason in-front of cameras and mics. That shows how much they hate Messi and are desperate to demoralize him, downgrade him and stop him from being The Greatest Of All Time, even higher than themselves.

  3. He is too humble❤️
    Don't talk unnecessarily talk too polite❤️
    Love you leo
    Who don't love Leo don't understand football❤️ it's true
    He is football❤️

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