1. Messi is the goat. Messi doesnt need Ballon d or, but ballon d or needs Messi. After Argentina wins the world cup Messi will win the Ballon d or🐐

  2. The Argentina team i saw playing against italy yesterday…..trust me it has immense potential to win the world cup this year…. defense is strong….so is mid-field….and the forward line is so much attacking that italy never stood a chance. If they keep on playing like that i believe this world cup is going to be won by Argentina….

  3. praying he gets his trophy for the last time. Argentina looking to solid for qatar. the accuracy and of de maria wiping the ball, i have never seen messi so aggressive must be psg ruining him on the low

  4. Bro I don't know what to say but I can sure that match is 🔥 they play like prime Barca🤯 full tiki taka broooo

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