Lewandowski to Liverpool ☑️ Dembele to Chelsea ✅ Timber DONE DEAL❓Liverpool Lose Champions League😥

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3:45 – What went wrong for Liverpool
9:30 – It was a poor goal to concede!
11:00 – Trent was to blame
14:30 – It was not just Trent’s fault!
20:00 – Was Liverpool’s season a failure?
27:00 – Is Klopp a Final Flopp?
45:40 – Lewandowski to Liverpool ☑️
52:40 – Harry Kane to Liverpool would FLOP
1:03:00 – Chelsea Takeover complete
1:18:00 – Are Man United looking at the right players



  1. Real madrid barley lost any european competition Last time they lost european FINALe was against Diego simeone Atletico Madrid side
    Real Madrid have won 17 of their last 20 finals. The 3 times they lost came against Diego Simeone’s Atlético Madrid. (Copa del ray , spainish super cup , uefa super cup )

  2. This bald HH should be shut up this Clown don't know a sh!! About my Club anyway when he saying because of messi , Xavi , iniesta tax ok i just want him to read some history about barca (before pep era) let's Talk about on point before pep took over barca that same squad went two consecutive seasons without any trophies it's means two trophyless seasons barca were in shambles rijkard was smoking cigar Ronaldinho was partying all day nights and when pep announced as a barca manager he clearly said he want to work with young players he clearly inform lAPORTA and his board that he don't want players like Ronaldinho , eto , henry but board insisted him and told him to just keep at least two playes so he decided to rid out barcelona best player Ronaldinho and clown do you even know that barca struggled for atleast two months under pep people were showing Their anger and said why they hire him as a manager he is too inexperience
    barca started domination in european football also from the era of pep and it was not that easy to implement its football philosophy easily and listen barca wanted to sold iniesta and xavi now just understood that barca was in very bad situation but pep guardiola refused to sold those two players and at that time inexperience manager like pep guardiola had a big presssure of winning the trophy because madrid had dominated the league and you said that he had the best players but pep guardiola made them best And many barca fans like me didn't expect anything that season and when barca went to UCL finale in that finale fergie's united clearly favrouite and people said that fergie has more experience and fergie's united was very strong they were playing their second consecutive UCL finale and before that year under rikjkard this same barca squad lost semi finale against same united while pep won the finale and won six Trophies and created history and we barca fans didn't expected these things before spitting bullshit things he should read about barca situation before pep era.
    Daniel was spot on that same squad Failed to win any thing under rijkard from two straight seasons while pep won six trophies even though he rid out dinho who was best player for us that time and people were angrt why They rid out dinho

  3. Egal is 100% spot on with his Kane take. Salah currently has 0 non penalty G/A in 11 finals. You add Harry Kane who hasnt won a trophy and registered a SHOT ON TARGET in a final into the mix and you have a forward line that is incompetent of performing at the highest level. Everyone laughs at how Liverpool havent scored a goal in any cup final this season and then further suggest adding another player who doesnt perform on the biggest stage. Please make it make sense.

  4. Overrated Ferguson won much more trophies than Rinus Michael but people call Michael coach of century cause he invite total football and change how modern football play. He's master of Cryuff Pep and Sacchi pressing got inspired by Michael

    no one give shit about Ferguson outside England just like most British football icon overhype by media propaganda cause his football is nothing 🤣 you will never see people try to play football like Ferguson outside Ole 🤣

  5. most English don't know football outside England that's why they always overhype British products like how overrated Ferguson as manager 🤣

  6. English clowns got brainwashed by media propaganda to believe English football is the best when Spanish dominate European football in last twenty years 🤣

  7. I have said it before and I will say it again we are not Kidderminster,Wrexham,Torquay United.We Liverpool football club.

    Finishing 2nd,3rd,4th is horse poo ,horse crap.

    Mane needs to be replaced properly.

    John W Henry needs to step up big time after what happened with the super League, super 6,£77 tickets and Liverpool bird situation and not backing managers in the transfer market . Look what happened in 20/21 season when we needed a defender and FSG didn't buy until January when i our team was desamated.

    John W Henry needs to step up.

    Mane looks like he's could be leaving and there are rumours that minamono could be leaving.origi has left. That leaves us with 4 attackers for three positions.that means we need to bring in 2 attackers.

    Back up for Salah so he doesn't get too comfortable

    A clinical striker
    A creative midfielder
    A wijnaldum replacement
    A back up for Trent is needed
    Back up for fabinho

    We need to start acting like a big club. We are not Tottenham or arsenal. Finishing 2nd ,3rd,4th is horse crap.

    Finishing 2nd is not to be celebrated.

    Klopp needs to be backed in the transfer market properly.

  8. Liverpool lost for 2 reasons…. reason 1 is courtious (can't spell, sorry) and reason 2 is salah didn't really turn up.. or at the very least was shut down everything he got the ball… he'd either lose the ball or pass backwards… atleast from the 60 mins I watched that's how it seemed

  9. Guys Simeone needs more respect, I dont think people realise he took Atletico a team which was just as small as the other midtable clubs in Spain like Real Betis and fought and won over the two dominate sides in the league, give him his respects he built Atletico from nothing

  10. CA is a above average manager…… he's been lucky to be brought in on teams that pretty.much play on auto pilot……if he was this great man or team manager Everton would have done better under him ……when you have top top players management comes a little easier…..Zidane knows this which is why he refuses to manage any other team except PSG he'll win the league year after year as if he's some great manager cause he won with another auto pilot team while in Spain

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