Leo Messi Responds To Mbappé's Criticism Of The Level Of South American Football

Lionel Messi replied to Kylian Mbappé’s comment after La Finalissima between Argentina and Italy. Lionel Messi showed with his performance, for which he was named man of the match, that the South American level can outperform the level of European teams.

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  1. His form at PSG is based on emotion. And thats with everything he had gone through leaving barca after his whole career there to his family having to adjust to new players in the dressing room. As you can see when he is in a squad he is comfortable with. he is worlds best

  2. bro italy is shit after the euros they couldnt even beat macedonia and they didnt even qualify for wc stop acting like kylian is wrong he said brazil and argentine dont play a lot of big games only when they face each other and he is right about that bolivia venezuela chili colombia are not germany france spain portugal belgium netherlands england

  3. Mbappe is very rude and he only won the World Cup and some French league. He underestimated the South American teams. But Argentina thrashed Italy the European champions. Mbappe has to learn to be humble and not having ego.

  4. Pele- south american
    Maradona- south american
    Messi = south american
    Ronaldo naziro = south america
    Ronaldinho= s america
    Most of talented and goat player belongs to south america
    That 2 years joke kid thinks south american players are 🤣

  5. It's very much true because Italy 🇮🇹 was very bias when winning the European championship. Should take it but from bias ref that's why European football rank low after the match between Argentina and Italy.

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