Leo Messi Admits He Cried When He Arrived In Paris And Reveals His Favorite For The Ballon D'Or

Lionel Messi confessed in an interview that he cried with his wife when they arrived in Paris. Furthermore, Lionel Messi revealed who deserves the Ballon d’Or this year and took the opportunity to address Robert Lewandowski’s comment.

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Carvajal aims dig at Salah ahead of UCL final, Benzema heavy favorite to win the Ballon d’Or: https://bit.ly/3wYSWub


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  1. Messi should win the balon d'or
    Ronaldo should win the dubai d'or
    If you're arguing with me for this joke pls im a beginner in joking🤡😢

  2. And people hate this guy …this simple humble guy who never posts gym pics or anything ….is strictly private ..loves his team …people hate him for being the best …. People like player who are outspoken and aggressive but they forget players who are silent are also cold blooded killers . Even if you take his 7th Ballond'or even if he accepted that 2020's Ballond'or should be given to lewa (never done before by anyone) , he still has 6 fking Ballond'or. So haters , how can you hate this guy who just loves his family ….and doesn't like shit talking like others

  3. Messi is a very calm player who does not compete with other players, but bmampe's view of Latin football is wrong because Latin football is a very difficult game…Latin players play ball and blood spills from their feet, the referee is not give the players red cards fast but European referees give red cards without seeing big mistake

  4. Messi won Cops America. Lewon with Poland nothing. Debate ends their. Messi came out strongly on lewon. N he doesn't care what lewon thinks. Over

  5. Messi should be a politician when he retire, he is a expert of saying one thing and doing another. Man said Lewa deserve it but didn't even vote for him. But still his fanboys will defend him, a true political cult.

  6. The 🐐.
    Respect from the 🐐 to Benzema is beautiful to see, they both acknowledge and respect each other immensely. You love to see it.

  7. When we leave our school we miss our frnds and few even cry imagine staying at the same place for 21 yrs who gave u Everything and u have to leave them for a oilclub with no history it's really painful… 🙏🏻

  8. You know what I think we are about to witness another great messi season I don't know how but i have this feeling inside that say's he is going to great this season.

  9. Lewandowski deserved the ballon'dor in 2020 and also in 2021 people who talk about "'creating chances'' clearly don't know that they have different positions lewa had the most g/a and more trophies then messi he won golden boot and broke many important records. I understand messi but he shouldnt treat lewy like this.

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