Lee Gunner CRYING OVER BISSOUMA! Goldbridge SPITTING FACTS! AFTV, Curtis Shaw React

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AFTV – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sn1DJtnjFe0&t=93s&ab_channel=AFTV

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  1. Arsenal can’t win, if they sign Bissouma and then he goes to prison imagine the banter they’ll get. Sign him or not they can’t win

  2. I think Gunners and MU stand in same predicament. Both our club managers don't have that pull to attract their targeted players, especially the ones they mentored. MU deserves this, especially when they said no to Conte. We have forfeited 2 seasons minimum to get in a position to compete for top 4. Long term team building my @$$.

  3. Yes, Terry, you're right. Arsenal are always too slow to do business in the transfer window and we start each season without a proper pre-season to bed in the new players. It's frustrating but we're being managed by clowns who don't seem to learn their lessons.

  4. Spite vs Champions League, which one do you think will be more attractive to Bissouma? I get the spite idea, especially as a fan but that only works when you are a bigger draw. Can we honestly say Arsenal are a bigger draw against Spurs, Conte and Champions League football? Does a club name and history counter playing on a Thursday night in a country that needs 2 passports to travel to?

  5. I am very genuine about this, if I opened the news and read that Stan Kroenke passed away, I wouldn’t even flinch. In fact I might have opened a champagne bottle. I hate that scumbag on such a personal level, I wish him all the worst in the world. The way he doesn’t get even 20% of what he deserves while these fans target a manager and a director of football who are forced to work with pennies, does my head in, I can’t stomach it!

  6. I remember watching a Spurs vs Brighton game with my brother who's a Man Utd fan, I'm a Man City fan, so I told him "just watch one player, Bissouma, he's a player that can fix your Midfield" because prior to the game he was just moaning about Utd's midfield, after we watched that game the only player he wanted at Utd was Bissouma, he bossed that Spurs midfield like they were U12s or something, he's brilliant! I'd take him even ahead of Rice personally, Spurs are going to be DANGEROUS!

  7. "Crying" now equals ambition and wanting the best and actually wanting to be prepared the new season? The agenda against the fans that want to win is getting laughable now

  8. Buendia has one less G/A than Odegaard. It was his first time in the premier league, Odegaard had six months before season starts, and cost more than Buendia with probably a high salary than him.

  9. I get Lee’s frustration about bissouma but he cried about Buendia last summer and how did that work out. Let’s see how that move works out

  10. We should have signed both but Bissouma was never priority we got my man Yakubu Chelsea Utd and Arsenal all should of signed him. But thinking about it I'd take Tielemans over him rather improve the 11 than squad. 10:55 Yep that's my frustration

  11. Fantastic signing for Spurs no doubt, and it hurts as a gooner… but Haaland cost about twice the amount bissouma will, so pound for pound, I can't say it's the best value.

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