Just Messi things 🥶

Just Messi things 🥶
(via adidasfootball)
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  1. Vraťte Zeměkouli zpět na svou polohu ihned a navždy 15.6.2022. Ukončete vládu PP ihned a navždy. Ihned konec zla, každý sám ve svém těle.

  2. Why you name your insta and youtube espn fc you should named as espn messi. Everyone knows what you are messi fanpage. So dont be oversmart. Probably jealous of ronaldo success 😂

  3. What is the similarity between ESPN FC and a 10 year old Messi fanboy ? They both probably don't know that this video is edited through the help of CGI/VFX.
    No hate against Messi though. He is one of my favourite players ever and one of the arguable GOATs.

  4. Me-is Guardiola a good manager?
    Biased ronaldo fan boy-no,he isn't!
    Me-oh why?!
    Biased ronaldo fan boy-coz he didn't scored a goal since he became manager.


  5. People are thinking it's fake, but actually it's slowed. Go check the real video. Even "unisport" asked Messi to do this. He did it once more, check it in unisport yt channel

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