1. What I do not understand is why thousands of fans without tickets go to a venue. There is bound to be problems and this should not be applauded by the clubs. Cities accept to receive 20.000 ticket holders from each club and a certain quantity of people from UEFA and neutrals. But I am sure no one wants to receive another 30000 football fans without tickets who are there for ……what? This never can be a good idea!

  2. Remember what happened to The Sun newspaper when it told the truth about Liverpool fans…no wonder the pundits tell the monetary story!

  3. I think you have not seen the footage of Liverpool fans… After what happened in Heysel, any similar behavior by Liverpool fans should end on Liverpool not even being allowed to play the game.

  4. This topic is interesting, I was at the stadium and entered through the Madrid gates. Facts are that Liverpool fans were provoking both Madrid fans and police already an hour before the game, so clearly the French police was harsh with them due to SOME, NOT ALL Liverpool fans and that escalated further.

  5. Funny how there wasn't any problem with these English hooligans assaulting Italians and putting lasers in opposition eyes ( it can lead to blindness)

  6. Where was the same UEFA and other authorities when these same hooligans were beating up other countries' fans after England's defeat in the Euro. 🤔

  7. French FA and UEFA need to apologize to the Liverpool fans. No one is saying that the game was impacted by it or that the winner is in question. But the enjoyment of the game for the Liverpool fans was ruined! All football fans dream of their team reaching the final and Paris decided to treat Liverpool fans this way, is shameful!

  8. Is it possible that no police in the world can do a decent job?! In Brazil they have just killed a guy by throwing a tear gas bomb in the police car where he was already handcuffed!!! Yes, an improvised Brazilian gas chamber!!! Can you believe it?!? Well, after George Floyd…

  9. If only there was some kind of recording device, small, perhaps hand held or maybe even able to fit in one's pocket, that Jules could have used to document his observations, instead of simply asking us to accept his account. I guess such a recording device is technology far in the future,. or ruinously expensive. Odd how people working for a major media company did not think to better document their observations. I suppose I could go to social media … but surely that is a less reliable source than ESPN?

    Right? Because we don't just accept things at face value anymore, remember? We don't trust doctors. We don't trust scientist, or science, for that matter. We don't trust politicians. We don't trust anybody. Remember?

    I await verification of Julian's statements from the worldwide sports media leader. Really, should be in this vid, right?

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