Javier Tebas needs to SHUT UP – Craig Burley on Lewandowski-Barcelona rumours | ESPN FC

The ESPN FC crew discuss Javier Tebas’ comments about Barcelona’s bargaining position, and Joan Laporta’s backlash towards Tebas’ comments.

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  1. Imagine you were being naughty by always playing at the edge of a cliff, and suddenly a huge gust of wind comes along and ends up pushing you into the river down below. As you’re desperately trying to climb back up, the guy up top suddenly starts dumping massive amounts of water down the cliff and goes, “Oh I wanted to have a waterfall all this time anyway, so I might as well do it now. Oh by the way, good luck climbing up though!” and just walks away.

    Did I mention that person is your dad? He’s supposed to lift the entire family up without playing favorites, but nah. While you are trying to save yourself, he has all his attention on the eldest son, and a toy that was supposed to be sent to him was suddenly taken back by its owner in the last second. Furious, your dad spends all his time calling the cops on that owner and considers suing them.

    Meanwhile, you are still busy trying to climb back up. You see someone walking by and so you try to convince them to lend you their climbing gear. But the dad who seemed so busy suing the toy owner earlier, suddenly starts shouting at the top of his lungs, “OH BY THE WAY, YOU KNOW MY SON AT THE BOTTOM OF THE CLIFF THERE? HE IS SO IRRESPONSIBLE THAT I REALLY FEAR FOR ANYTHING HE OWNS!” and goes straight back to whining about how the owner went back on his word on the toy.

  2. What I don't understand is why La Liga clubs' are not taking action against tebas destroying the league. It's not just Barca suffering, every club is suffering hence la liga

  3. Real Madrid filled the pantry?…is Tebas saying that Madrid's €800 Million debt has already been paid off?!

  4. I'm madridista to the core but feel barcelona should be given some sort of space when it comes to signings, it wasn't just messi wages that brought them to their knees, no club saw covid coming, we had in perez a president that acted quickly. Its not really barcelonas fault it was a few individuals, it may be strange but I want a strong barcelona because it keeps the classico as the biggest game in the world after the world cup and champions league finals. Tebas is brain dead if he thinks restricting barcelona is beneficial for Spanish football.

  5. It's funny that la liga is the only top league that has its own ffp and is implementing to its fullest. This means la liga is in a weaker position than all other leagues financially. Ligue 1 doesn't really care if psg adhere to any kind of ffp as long as the league gets big players in.

  6. Tebas is the only league president who talks too much, all the leagues have the presidents but we never heard about them, Tebas should learn to keep quiet he is too talkative.

  7. I think they Barca got into the trouble they are in by making these silly high prize signing with no repercussions. Tebas is just there reminding them you cant keep making such mistakes and expect the La liga to keep turning a blind eye. In doing so he he exposing barca so be it. If that's what it means to get their accounts sorted.

  8. he has said that he has always been a Real Madrid fan. What else do you expect from a League President who is a fan of their rival?

  9. Tebas hasn't done anything wrong… Barcelona and Real Madrid have been supported by Spanish banks for more than a decade and they got where they are now because of that money and the ridiculous rates and agreements on how and when to repay their debts. I hope that La Liga will enforce its rules until the very end even if it brought Barca to insolvency and bankruptcy.

  10. Seems tebas hates Barca so much…this is so uncalled for. Lewandowski coming to the league will make la liga exciting.
    Tebas must stop being harsh on Barca and ease the salary cap
    Coming from a Sevilla fan and Barca hater😆😆😆😆😆

  11. Tebas (madrid fan) didn't do and say anything when Bartomeo was giving out crazy contracts to everyone in that club so that now you can see how terrible the club is financially but now that Bartomeo is gone this clown is trying to be strict towards Barca?🙄, I bet if he was a Barcelona fan this would've be different. I won't be surprised if la liga turns into another French league. 🤦🏻‍♂️

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