"It's Impossible to Believe!", – PSG Want Xavi as Head Coach!

“It’s Impossible to Believe!”, – PSG Want Xavi as Head Coach!

PSG dream of Xavi
Romain Molina
Reliability: 4

The PSG board continue to go over any possible candidates to lead the team this summer. Romain Molina informs that after Zidane rejected the offer, the Qatari sheikhs switched their focus to Barcelona’s head coach Xavi. They’ll try their best to convince Xavi to at least think about working at Parc des Princes, but right now this is nothing more than the “dream option” which is something unreal as Xavi is happy at Barca and is fully focused on the club’s preseason.

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  1. One good season for Benzema and all of these real madrid kids saying he is better than CR7.

    CR7 and messi both played this level of football for more than a decade.

    Benzema isn't event the top scorer of all European leagues. Lewandowski has more goals than him. It's just that he had better UCL campaign.

  2. Even tho I dislike Barca that’s a real cultured footballing rivalry. QSG is a cancer to football. Shameless club, even city operate with some level of respect and they do things their way. PSG wannabe Madrid trying to copy the galacticos project branded as galactiques. Wish version 😭 sign our finished players and pay player absurd money and give them huge amount of power just to prevent them joining the team you want to be. I can rest tho knowing no matter what they do, they’ll never reach our level

  3. It seems as if one day I wake up n read that….
    "PSG wants to buy my doggy, my kid brother, my parents, my toothbrush, my towel, my undergarments,…….. Blah blah blah…… 🤐

  4. Even if it was a goal for psg Xaxi would not leave barca he loves the club to much although it would be interesting to see him coach messi and neymar

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