It's going to be a BIG JOB to keep this Liverpool roster together – Craig Burley | ESPN FC

The ESPN FC crew reacts to Real Madrid’s 1-0 win over Liverpool in the Champions League Final.

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  1. It's a wonderful season with bitter ending. Losing the Premier League in the last 15 minutes of the game on the final day and losing the Champions League on 1-0.

  2. Its tough for these big players to give it their all and fall short of their expecations.

    Every player wants to win trophies so if they can go to a team where not only you win a trophy every season but you can relax a bit more (at Bayern or PSG for example) and get paid silly money, why not go..

    Mane is probably thinking i can get more money, move to bayern where ill dominate and will enjoy myself more because itll be easier and ill for sure win 2 trophies every year….

  3. You guys don't understand how Madrid play Madrid play relax football they never hurry they gonna soak up the pressure in the first half and then the second half is when they play their football .

  4. The honeymoon period of Gegenpressing is over. Elite teams have figured this out. This liverpool team is coming to end now. Mane possibly leaving for Bayern, Maybe Salah also leaves. Then they are one VVD injury away from a disastrous season. This arrogant Liverpool fans got what they deserved.

  5. Liverpool needs to sign a big man who can be both a targetman and pressing forward- someone like Poulson at Leipzig.

    In a big match like this, you need more tactical variety. You need a targetman who can hold up the ball, and cause problems.

    Especially considering the backline of Madrid is quite short compared to EPL standards, some direct long ball would have worked.

    Signing Haaland is a genius move on city’s part – it is very hard to defend a striker who is both tall and fast – you cannot play a high line, and you cannot drop too deep either.

  6. Courtouis playing a game of his life
    Carvajal pocketing Diaz
    And Valverde surpisingly is my man of the match if not because Courtouis. Every attack of Madrid always starting from their right side / Liverpool left side and Robbo seems very off today and the goal also coming from his out of positioning. If not because Valvarde, actually Liverpool also already able to stop their dynamic duo; Konate handling Vini and Virgil taking care of Benzema. But Valverde offer something and exploit it for Madrid victory.

  7. Trent cost us again poor defender never looked behind him once !! he's done it all season reallly frustrates me he's only in the team for delivery and free kicks which are woeful . I told my mate about this all season . he knew junior was behind him and didn't want to address it. I want a defender in his position.

  8. Stevie said don't favour the club who just "always gets the job done" but hey, here we are talking about Real who once again got the job done

  9. So many people,players,clubs were downplay Real Madrid that they can’t beat psg they can’t beat Chelsea they can’t man city and the last team liverpool and here we go Real Madrid wins again tge 14th trophies 🏆

  10. I keep telling people Liverpool under Kloppl don't really perform that well in finals but to be fair this was the first time I've seen Liverpool play well in a final in a long time but for all the chances they created they should have scored and the fact that they lost 1-0 makes it even worse.

  11. You know what's going to be hilarious ? Watching Stevie and Burley blow their fuses when Klopp gets the guy he's already tried to get 3 times to replace Mane 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Guess who?

  12. Who gassed up Liverpool just because they beat Spurs in the final in 2019? It was Spurs. Yes a Spurs team that made the final, but still Spurs. Who Liverpool had beaten twice before in the league that season. This would've been the real test this Liverpool team in another European final and unfortunately for them they failed.

  13. This result serves the jobless ticketless boozed up Liverpool fans that stormed the gates and turnstiles causing absolute havoc right! The exact same behaviour that they caused Hillsborough!

    No doubt they'll blame the Police!

  14. Bring Lewa. Move Mane to his position on the left. Bring a new CAM who can shoot from range and run with the ball to the box. Diaz needs one more year as a starter. His decision making needs to improve.

  15. I have a feeling, if you want real Madrid not to win it, eliminate them and don't allow them to go to finals, they are really different

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