‘It’s EXTRAORDINARY!’ Why did Man United’s CEO Richard Arnold meet fans in a pub? | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Mark Ogden joins Gab Marcotti and Julien Laurens on the Gab and Juls Show to discuss Manchester United’s CEO Richard Arnold meeting fans in the pub. The guys debate if he knew he was being recorded and whether he said anything he will regret later on.

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  1. Ah Man United fans, when they aren't forcibly trespassing inside the stadium to get a match abandoned, assaulting the police in the ensuing riot, issuing threats against and vandalizing the previous executives home… then they're threatening to come to your home and they are surreptitiously recording you.
    And yet they wonder why they don't get the "transparency" they want. 🙄🤦‍♂️

  2. I completely disagree that he should've stayed positive. I think he actually earned a little respect from the fans by saying what we know to be true. The club has been run straight into the ground by Woodward for years and at least this guy had the guts to come out and speak to these people and admit that the clubs been a disaster. The fans are sick of all the pr speak

  3. Beer and sambos at number 10, Harold Wilson met the unions, back in the sixties got results. Inclusiveness is better, and discussions in an informal atmosphere starts to build a bond. What Richard Arnold did, at least on the surface which seems genuine, is the equivalent of beer and sandwhiches between Wilson and the TUC. The strategy got results, to a point, until Thatcherism came along. The Glazers and their destructive aggressive takeover represents Thatcherism. Richard Arnolds tactics could be, in a way, likened to those used by Harold Wilson. For the first time in decades a senior member of United management showed a willingness, and in a pub making it all the more informal, to discuss. Whether there is any sinister motve time will tell so keep up the guard. Cautious optimism is how I look at it.

  4. Football politics ! Come on wake up guys ! Do you believe in politicians? Its very very commercial club ! Only naive people still supporting this club !

  5. Why is the Julien talking about Man Utd he never makes sense or has valid opinions , it’s not negative it’s the truth we’ve wasted money badly and the communication from the glazers has not been there if anything I think Arnold done it on purpose so that someone comes in to buy Man Utd because he knows the glazers are clueless American trash

  6. Juls seems like a terrible journalist/analyst, someone that doesn't take accountability for anything. Its amazing how someone that should be responsible for reporting or analyzing based on facts seems to be discouraging honesty so much. I guess he's only good at one thing, defend Pogba by all means possible.

  7. How can you ask someone to give their expert opinion on something they haven't even seen or heard themselves. Then they want to go and call other people naive etc. Poor quality punditry.

  8. Everybody knows what he said ….it all came out weeks ago ….he didn't say anything anyone from the planet didn't know. What he did do is get a pointless protest away from the front door of this 🏠 house.

  9. What's there for him to be positive about? I can't think of one highlight of the entire season 😂. If anything he seems just as frustrated as the rest of us and speaking without any filter.

  10. Don't get it twisted guys (@ESPN) we want the players to leak things, especially when things aren't great. We the fans deserve to know what's going on, and if that is by leaks, so be it.

  11. As a United fan it's nice to see the CEO acknowledge that things haven't been going well the last few years.

    Mark Ogden , this leaked video isn't the same as players leaking information from the dressing room. Players are employees, fans aren't.

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