ITS A DISGRACE! Ten Hag Transfer Disaster 😐

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Frenkie de Jong has agreed terms on a move to #MUFC. He’s spoken to manager Erik ten Hag and former player Daley Blind (amongst others). United and Barca around £18m apart at the moment re transfer fee. Midfielder agreed to move late last week. Required some persuading.

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  1. Terry let me try and make it make sense. Do you remember we wanted sancho a season before he actually came? We were in the same situation like de jong the whole transfer window. Then what happened?

    We ended up signing diallo and pellistri and we didn't even use them. That's 50mil and not used. Same think happened again. Last day of the transfer we get ighalo, then again deadline day we got cavani.

    So you saying that there is time you should know better. That's the reason fans are frustrated because we came from a bad season and we need major overhaul. Judging from past experience we already know what to expect.

  2. My thoughts are I don't share your optimism about our signings. I agree 100% with Mark Goldbridge about the futility of our signing process is rigged (by Glazers) and designed to fail, heavily based on 1 marque signing. FDJ cannot fix our Midfield problem by himself. We need a defensive midfielder to back him. And who is going to fix our defence? Who will take the workload of scoring the goals? What is the progress made on signing those players in those positions? Who are those players? And what's the status of negotiations and bids if placed any? We are frozen in enquiry phase in most of them. So don't tell us to keep calm, Terry. We are not idiots.

  3. Too much money and energy put in TRYING to sign 1 player. We have let good players passing by for less than half the asking price of FDJ. ETH is fixated in getting FDJ and Timber and has no demonstrated execution of filling the gaps with other needed signings. Are we going after Neves, Eriksen, Torres, Bastoni, Antony fast enough, if at all?

  4. Where is the "new build" at united then haha Liverpool and city sign big signings it's hilarious to see united fans crying about their transfers haven't done

  5. What’s your point?
    So just because United have only got there arse in gear now it’s everyone elses fault?
    You have about 90 people getting paid to either scout negotiate mentality merchants & all the rest of it
    But it’s everyone else’s fault that there staff work all season long for an easier pre season. Ok tel

  6. Yeah it’s weird seeing United going for unknowns & potential I can’t lie. Lost allot of pull imo similar to arsenal but even I can admit United are United but that’s diminishing fast

  7. Sorry Terry how are Arsenal having a great summer?? 1 un none player signed for 35 million and signed a USELESS striker up on 100k a week for 5 year GREAT AMAZING BUSINESS THAT come on bro

  8. It doesn’t help when the most popular fan channel on YouTube goes live three times a day to piss and moan about about anything from who the club is targeting to how long deals take to the transfer budget to their own personal trust issues with United’s highest decision makers. Not to mention this insane view that the more players you bring in the better your window was, just typing it is ridiculous. United had a very bad year yes and most if not all the players need to improve in every aspect that defines them as footballers. But if any united fan seriously thought the club was going to sell 3 4 5 6 players on top of the ones leaving because of their contracts and bring in 4 5 6 7 players this summer I want whatever they’re smoking

  9. Thank you Terry for such refreshing views. I'm one of those feeling really frustrated right now. The Therapy was too short though, been bashed about with too much negativity around Manchester United.

  10. I think the issue is the lack of trust in the club and the failure of the last 9 years. Its best to judge at the end of the window. The press isn't helping. It is important to keep pressure on the club and its leadership though (Murtaugh today)!

  11. Facts are mate everyone else is strengthening whilst your still trying to pay for one marquee signing to fill a hole when you have holes all over the ship.

    Barcelona have got you by the the bollocks. and ETH hasn’t got the pull you thought he had.

    As for clearing out the players you have nobody wants them and if they did take them it would be for peanuts

  12. Thank you. Some one needed to say something.. we united fans are just being paranoid…. once again thank you. And to make matters worse journalist are pouncing on it… the window has just opened

  13. do not belittle MUTD.wee are the best forget about the rest.ate team last season Was a decress. players should play .forget about money play your Football.. Think.?Alex took 4 years❤

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