It would be AMAZING for Juventus – Alessandro Del Piero on Paul Pogba's next club | ESPN FC

The ESPN FC crew discuss Paul Pogba’s next potential club after he confirmed he would be leaving Manchester United.

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  1. Juventus will get the best out of Pogba because the pace of Serie A suits his style of play. He likes to hold onto the ball a lot longer than the Premier League allows for, and in the Premier League every player is expected to track back quickly and defend when there's a turnover in play or you're out of possession. I don't think that we would have seen his best in a City or Liverpool shirt either.

    At Juventus, he might not have that much defensive responsibilities and will only be responsible for creating chances. When he's on the ball and is afforded time and space, then he definitely has the vision and skill to pick a killer pass.

  2. If it wasn't for Andrea pirlo Arturo Vidal and Claudio Marchisio Paul Pogba would be a Nobody even the world cup if he would of played it for guinea and not be a Fraud through out his career

  3. pogba went from playing with pirlo vidal marchisio to playing with mctomminy fred. this move was a downgrade. as bad as juve are currently this move back to juve could be an upgrade

  4. As a Juventus fan I feel terribly conflicted about that move. On one side Pogba treated the club disgracefully the last time and for that alone deserves to be left to rot somewhere, whether in Manchester or PSG (where his career would be destroyed in no time with all the distractions).

    On the other, since he left Juve's midfield has become so bad that there is a need for someone like Pogba, even if he's unreliable and inconsistent. Even on a single leg and with one eye missing he will be better than his countryman Rabiot.

  5. Juve have no idea what problems this version of Pogba brings with him but then again they aren't a serious contender anymore. Good luck to both.

  6. Pogba never played with a proper holding midfielder in Manchester. The Fred-McTominay midfield has been the doom of this club, and it's a disgrace that they were still trotting out that midfield this season. It's not their fault – they are just not good enough, and the board should have addressed that a long time ago.

  7. Given how Deschamps seems to be slowly getting Pogba to take on a more senior role with France I think it works out for him to have a similar role at Juventus.

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