Is this Real Madrid’s most impressive UCL title? | ESPN FC Extra Time

Dan Thomas, Craig Burley, Sid Lowe and Shaka Hislop answer your questions on #FCExtraTime.

0:00 Why is Sid down?
1:05 Which UCL title is most impressive from Real Madrid?
2:40 Why don’t goalkeepers get recognition for the Ballon d’Or?
3:42 How do LaLiga fans view the Premier League?
5:04 Craig’s story of getting fined during his career
8:38 Start, bench or sell: Prime Salah, Prime Hazard and Prime Griezmann
14:27 Did Craig watch Monaco and Indy without getting spoiled?

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  1. Real madrids most impressive win was 2018. That was a ridiculously hard run. PSG in RO16 the defending champions of france and best team in france.Juventus in the quarter finals, defending Italian champions and best team in italy at that point, also the finalist from the previous years champions league. Bayern munich in the semi finals, serial german champions and best team in germany. Then Liverpool in the final, who looked great in europe that season and it was Salahs first season, and he lit the Premier league on fire. Plus Liverpools european pedigree.

  2. Honestly its as synonymous as Denmarks run in the Euros after Eriksens unfortunate collapse. This team showed heart ac soul. The never say never die spirit is what makes you different from anyone. The other teams needed to be perfect to win Real Madrid needed to just BELIEVE

  3. They beat the best England and France has to offer. They are the best cup team in the world and their best winning run to the UCL yet.

  4. This dude is delusional, the Premier League is not followed in Spain, nor Italy for that matter. We all follow our own leagues, just like Brits follow the Premier. My TV contract offers me all 3 leagues, and I can't get myself to watch Premier games, they are boring as-f mostly.

  5. YEAH WHEN MOST GREAT PLAYERS ARE 34 this is not even close to what Messi and Ronaldo did being in barca and Real Madrid they won’t 9 ballon dors

  6. Either this or 2018
    Last 16 – 5-2 on aggregate vs PSG
    Quarter finals – 4-3 on aggregate vs Juventus
    Semi finals – 4-3 on aggregate vs Bayern
    Final – 3-1 vs Liverpool

  7. The pundits got that wrong I think. Griezmann's prime was an absolute monster compare to Salah and Hazard. Griezmann was fantastic from forward line to backline. His linkup play, defending, attacking and jumping headed goals was pure magical. He's simply outrageous in a staggering way how he did it in a club like Atletico to making a name for himself with Ronaldo and Messi in the same league. Put Hazard or Salah in that defensive club like Atletico at the early start or jump like Griezmann and they won't be even close to ballon d'or contenders in my opinion.

  8. Sell Greizmann, you wouldn’t want someone who found nothing wrong with black face and was also racist towards the Japanese at your club

  9. remove pep or klopp premier league is worse than Indian super league. media always glorify this tournament because of the English taxes. bundesliga is the most enjoyable, la liga has the biggest teams. prem became a little bit competitive in the last few years but it was never the best league.

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