Is Raheem Sterling Thomas Tuchel's dream? | ESPN FC TV Podcast

The ESPN FC crew recap Romelu Lukaku’s expected Chelsea exit as the Belgian nears closer to a loan move back to Inter Milan. Plus, the guys react to Chelsea’s interest in Raheem Sterling and Rob Dawson joins the show to provide updates on Manchester United’s financial future.
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  1. Sterling is far more better than Odoi, Pulisic, Ziyech, Mount in front of goal!! Tuchel will sell pulisic, Ziyech, Odoi! If Dembele is in it will be perfect. Tuchel game plan is he dont need a no 9. Havertz will do the job as no 9. In Tuchel we trust and that is why Tuchel is a coach of Chelsea FC!

  2. Absolutely not he is extremely overrated as are most English players. I expect his performances to continue to decline Chealse has made a terrible deal.

  3. One player i used to hate as a chelsea fan…always showboating n disrespectful of opponents…didnt know have to face this awkward moment of seeing him in our team

  4. Sterling & Grealish are almost the same age and yet Sterling has over 100 PL goals while Grealish has less than 20. This is downright laughable and I hope City do keep Sterling instead of someone like Grealish as Sterling would be a quality player to rotate on that left side with Foden. The guy has been a solid performer for years and is only about to enter his prime years.

  5. I don’t think Sterling is the answer for Chelsea. Chelsea need an identifiable number 9 who can hold up the play, link play, and score 20 a season. That is, they need a replacement for Lukaku. Lewandoski is the only established striker I can think of who would be a fantastic short term replacement for Lukaku.

  6. We have to get this straight. Man City did not want to lose Sterling. They want or wanted him to sign a new contract and Pep gave the go ahead for Man City to sign a new contract with Sterling. It is Sterling that wants to go so it should be no surprise Man City will not sell him if they can avoid it. Sterling on the other hand has nothing to lose whether he stays or goes. He has been competing for places at Man City for 6 years or so and has always been one of Man City's most important players without question with incredible consistency. He can leave now or leave next season which will make him even more money, but he has chosen to leave now because he feels the time is right despite Man City and Pep wanting to extend his contract. Talking about how he needs more games or will lose his world cup place when he is England's best, most consistent, most successful and most experienced player is beyond belief and makes no sense. Talk about his age when Graelish is only one year younger and never received the same worries for a 100 million transfer also makes no sense. There is nothing that makes sense about criticism Sterling gets, but it all started from a corporate media that had a problem with Sterling when he left Liverpool for the highest fee of an English player at the time when he was young and had proved himself already as part of one of the most feared attacking partnerships in European football alongside Suarez and Sturridge. Graelish who was older and had proved nothing even close was not questioned when the highest fee for an English player of his time was paid for him. This is all blatant racism. If you have a player that scored 3 goals and made 3 assists costing a fee of 100 million and a player 1 year older scoring about 17 goals and making 8 assists playing less games, would you not rather keep him than sell him for 35 million. The whole conversation around Sterling is just insulting to the player and a joke on Man City. The only reason his goal numbers are not threatening to reach Messi's goal numbers in the last 2 seasons is because the number of games he plays are less as part of a rotation system Pep has chosen to use in the last 2 seasons, but Pep wanted him to stay with his record breaking team so Man City can benefit. How can a supporter of Chelsea think he will not improve or benefit Chelsea. The most stupid argument I have heard is that he misses chances or misses important chances. Really! The most successful English player playing for the most success premier league football team as one of their most important players for 6 years has been costing his team championships by missing important goals yet they are breaking records? How does that work? I'll tell you how that works. Racism. The player that had the whole of England on the side of their seats almost every time he touched the ball throughout the Euros holding their hopes in his hands is a player that always misses important goals? How does that work? Racism. A player who almost singlehandedly dragged an England team to the final of the European cup by scoring goals game after game and who was the second highest goal scorer for Man City last season beaten only by Debruyne who played far more games, is considered to be a player who misses important chances? How does that work? I'll tell you. Racism. Maybe not always intended racism, but certainly brainwashing from a racist media if not intended. I have no doubt that if Chelsea buy Sterling to add to their team and Lukaku leaves, Chelsea will be beating Liverpool and Man City in head to heads next season rather than the draws they have been getting against these teams. When there is a dead lock and a special moment is needed in a fraction of a moment to turn a game, Sterling is your biggest chance. Ask England how they got to the final of the Euros and Man City how they broke down the Villa defence in the last game of the season. Man City are right to ask for 50 million, but owe it to him after what he has done for them to get him his wish to leave and so take less to make his dream happen. Sterling is a giant in one of the world, if not the world's best league, and playing more to his preferred direct style of play with Chelsea and with another very good manager, he is going to get better. Let's hope it happens. Man City or going to miss him and lose their dominance of the league without him, but he has done all he can for them and wants to go and try new things and challenges and push himself even further in the way he wants to play and plays best. Peace and love

  7. So a player is at his club playing the best football of his career and the coach from another club call the guy and tell him, listen, I want you to come play for me at x club, you fit the style of play I want, im going make you my main man up front, the vocal point of my attack and to go along with that we gonna pay you a big salary. So the player say yes I will come and so the deal was done, now the player is here and tearing up the place, scoring game in game out bcuz exactly what the player was promised the player was getting. Now somewhere in the middle of all that the player got injured and that injury forced the coach to make adjustments and had to try a new tactic was was working, the team is winning games and bcus of that you start keeping your vocal point player on the bench when he came back from injury and went you gave him a chance which were few you would play him out of position, the player suddenly now feel out of place and is no longer that important player no more. Tell mi now in all fairness, is it the players fault for getting low on confidence? After all he was God where he was b4 you came for him and you did tell him he would be God and a half when he come to you. Now tell me, all the above, is this what happen to Lukaku at Chelsea? Isn't exactly this Chelsea did to Lukaku? So how on earth all you pundits now come talking about what disappointment Lukaku has bin. The coach at Chelsea dishonored his promise to the man, took him from his club where he was very happy and then frustrated him till he had to voice his frustration in the public. Chelsea coach damaged Lukaku and you all are so blind not to see that.

  8. Sterling vs Werner

    Both miss sitters
    Timo is clearly a faster runner
    Sterling is clearly a better diver
    Timo is clearly worth 50m in the transfer window and commands a reasonable salary
    Sterling will clearly want a huge salary and will probably be impossible to sell if he doesn't perform

    Why would one risk another Lukaku so soon after getting rid of Lukaku?

  9. Tuchel is a masochist, he choses players that can't score consistently. Sterling & even Dembele who can't score but he can cross/assist… Chelsea need players that score regularly.

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