Is Carlo Ancelotti the best manager in the world after Real Madrid’s UCL win? | ESPN FC Extra Time

The ESPN FC crew answers your questions on #FCExtraTime.
0:00 How is Stevie holding up after Liverpool’s loss?
2:54 Did Robbo’s croissant play a role in Real Madrid’s win?
3:46 Did Trent cost Liverpool the UCL final?
4:24 Should Carlo Ancelotti be considered the best manger in the world?
5:25 Has Marcelo played his last match for Madrid?
9:15 Stevie enjoying a nice meal

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  1. Those two experts. The fat one and the other one who shags to messi said 3-1 and 2-1 to Liverpool. Where are they? Uefa tried everything to make Liverpool win. I mean how was that goal disallowed?

  2. Liverpool thought they can win ucl just by facing only benfica or villarreal.. as soon as they faced one good oppenent they crumbled.

  3. Nah..try it with a club aside from Real Madrid and we'll see how good he is..come on most managers wouldn't have to put in as much effort managing Real Madrid compared to a managing a club like Arsenal, Man Utd, BVB, etc..

  4. It wasn't Hokus Pokus when City went out for some (Stevie actually was fair regarding his assessment of the game), but City were called bottlers. Now I don't want to hear anything about Madrid's magic when Liverpool also go out after having a strong performance. At least City has a big trophy this year

  5. Trent sleeping for the position he plays, defending is more important than attacking. But that's proved again and again that he can't defend.

  6. They don't want to recognize Ancelotti as the best manager because he has great players…then what about Pep and Klopp? Do they have players from Doncaster or something?

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