I’M SCRATCHING MY HEAD! – Steve Nicol hits out at ‘smarty-pants’ Dan Thomas 😂 | ESPN FC

The ESPN FC panel discuss where Liverpool went wrong (and Real Madrid went right) in the Champions League final.
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  1. Real madrid scored 15 goals and conceded 11 in all of their knock out games this season. They have been effective, doesn't matter if you keep possession or have alot of shots.
    The sheriff game earlier this season RM had 30+ shots and 15+ shots on target but they lost.

  2. By the way Trent was just HORRIBLE both in attack and defence. I don't watch Liverpool matches but for me this was his worst perfomance this season. Why Klop didn't take him off since it was clear he got the nerves of the occasion something that Real Madrid players thrive on.

  3. Liverpool forgets when they were so cocky even when losing to 10-men Inter at Anfield. That was the sign since then they didn't face any decent team other than Real Madrid in the final.

  4. Only 9 shots n three or four of em were dangerous so the other 20 were nothing to be honest some block some easy saves some over the bar n real put the ball in the net twice n they should’ve score two other goals

  5. You don't play finals, you win them.
    Liverpool played 4 finals and scored zero goals and won two Cup finals that went to penalties. Everyone acts like Madrid had dominated the UCL final

  6. when Alisson saved 8 against Tottenham in 2019 final, tgis guy was all praise for liverpool, and they scored a penalty and 1 goal from open play. and that was a record number of saves for a GK then, now when courtouis saved just 1 more, he's like if GK has to save 9 and was MOM blah blah….. this oldie talks a lot of biased non sense.

  7. Next season Steve, Craig and maybe others are still gonna say City it’s the main favorite to win the UCL because supposedly they are “the best team in Europe” followed by Liverpool. Unbelievable…

  8. ESPN FC its high time you don't have biased morons in your show and make it like Sky Sports..Steve Nicole is an absolute dumb pundit who doesn't watch any other leagues than EPL rather a single team in it in Liverpool.. Alison was Liverpool's best player in the last ucl what is the guy even trying to say god knows .. Stewart Robson rightly got frustrated at his comments and said that pundits shouldn't be baised..remove this old baised Liverpool bimbo..get someone like Mina Rzouki back in the show

  9. No wonder the english hate Spanish teams. It took 1 Spanish team to take out your best? Teams… Pathetic. Asi asi asi GANA EL MADRID. ASI ASI ASI GANA EL MADRID! 💪💪

  10. Well, Trent couldn’t keep Vini at bay in the box, Diaz was smoked by Carvajal, Salah never quite had the finishing quality of Benzema and his almost hiddenly visible quick movement couldn’t trick Courtois like other keepers, and when you also see Kroos running and Militao making no mistake, this is no wonder Stevie. Just overestimated Liverpool’s quality for too much and for too long. And Surprisingly, Liverpool was the only team that didn’t “outplayed” Real Madrid, unlike PSG, City and Chelsea. How nice.

  11. Cry baby 😭. Real Madrid beat PSG, then the 3 best teams in the premier league to win the title. I guess it was just all luck.

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