I'm not super happy with the amount of Americans here – Christian Pulisic on friendly vs. Morocco

Christian Pulisic discusses his play and the play of the USMNT in their 3-0 win over Morocco.

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  1. Not Enough American Fans Here… well:
    1. Friendly vs Morocco, not the MOST enticing game to want to go see in person.
    2. USNT does a TERRIBLE job a marketing the games / televising them for everyone. Nobody knew this match was even taking place.
    3. MOST IMPORTANTLY. THE TICKETS COST WAY TOO MUCH. This is USA vs Morocco friendly we are talking about. Tickets should be $30-50 for general seating. Not $70+ for nosebleeds.

  2. Well maybe because the game was in butfucking Ohio, why not some place with real American soccer fans like Seattle or NYC?

  3. Yes I can understand him not being happy with the amount of American fans at home games. I guess that when I see other countries showing more support for their own country rather than US fans in the stadium 🏟 it would be annoying. Went to a few US matches in Texas when I was growing up in Texas. Most of the time at a US vs Mexico game. A majority of the time it was Mexico 🇲🇽 fans in the stadium because the American people aren’t that much into soccer unless it’s a WC!

  4. Christian I’m sorry to say this but unfortunately most people don’t care about the USMNT and never really have. With the exception of when Jurgen Klinsmann was there it felt like people cared a little bit more than usual, at least in my opinion. Not to mention the USMNT aren’t helping themselves out by not giving the football ⚽️ fans what they want which is success on the biggest stage the World Cup, especially considering the fact that the US federation has been around for more than 100 years and with unlimited resources and money. What also doesn’t help is the crazy unreasonable high prices of tickets.

  5. If you keep playing friendlies on Wednesday night you’ll not get hard working people to show up … also … hello bubble boy …. Have you heard there is a global economic crisis and people have trouble affording every day items and gas. In $4.50 to $6.50 per gallon and household debt is through the roof ? Charge $5/seat on a Saturday if you want full stadiums

  6. He is right. However, to the USMNT: sell the tickets for a reasonable price and tour across the country. Include Seattle, California, Texas and the East Coast in your friendlies and people will show up.

  7. Just shut up and play Pulisic! “To be completely honest”, you need to get better – let’s see how you do in the WC since you can’t finish a happy meal in the PL.

  8. Come on! Everyone knows that most Americans pretend to be fans only during the World Cup. Most of them cant name 3 players on the roster

  9. $100 tickets are a justifiable reason not to attend! Maybe drop ticket prices so a family of four can attend without spending $500+ on tickets, parking and food/drink. Pulisic is out of touch with the fans.

  10. Other games around the world were not full either. Is not soccer not being popular in the US. It was horrible TV rights to transmit the game. I turned on ESPN + to find out the game was not going to be broadcast there. I tried roja directa and my streaming was lagging.

  11. I mean.. it was versus Morocco. Not many would be interested in watching that game in person. I personally can’t stand a couple Moroccans in my work environment, won’t survive being around thousands of them in a stadium. Jesus..

  12. What does he expect yeah The US is a huge place but for Americans football is more important the Nba is more important even baseball , probably even a fake sport like wwe is more entertaining like wrestlemania ,ohh and also not alot of Americans watch soccer

  13. I’m not a US fan but I get why he would feel that way. Man’s is playing with heart and the US has been killing it lately so I can’t blame him for feeling like that 🤷🏽‍♂️

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