If it was a boxing match, Liverpool would've won on points! – Steve Nicol | ESPN FC

The ESPN FC crew react to Liverpool’s loss to Real Madrid in the Champions League Final and discuss who was the better team.

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  1. The purpose of the game of football is to score more goals than the other team. The team that does that is, by definition, the better team. Steve Nicol is talking nonsense.

  2. To win a boxing match u ve to score punches real madrid blocked every "punch" they threw at them they had better footwork but they did not threw good enough punches and real got the knockout with the 1 they threw

  3. Of course Liverpool were gonna stop most of Real's attacks early, that's the whole point of having a high defensive line, but every time real got through they looked much more dangerous. Real's players were more patient, which is why they're so clinical. Liverpool took every shot they could, which is why they ended up with only 3-4 good shots/chances, that's about the same as Real.

  4. It's unbelievable how this weak Real Madrid side have won the title.. before the season started even the hardest madridistas weren't thinking that this year they could go far in the Champions League this season let alone winning it! Give me Real Madrid's luck and throw me in the middle of the ocean and i can come back safe for sure! Unbelievable how this happened…

  5. There are alway two teams playing a football game it’s not team responsibility to play in a way to give the other team an advantage. If you follow kloop team their have problems with team that play the way and in the primer league a lot of team don’t play Liverpool that way . In two final against Madrid Liverpool had only score one goal to Madrid 4

  6. If goalkeepers are not important than why liverpool spent 80m
    Then in 2019 when allsion made 8 saves and liverpool won then it was unfair
    They almost bottled against struggling spurs
    And this year why best team cant score in 3 finals

  7. Ever since Atelti knocked Liverpool out of the champions league a few years ago with a low block defence, Liverpool style of play was found during those two legs, they have fast but short attackers, so give them no space behind the defence and you have successfully nullified them, especially since none of them can score headers to save their lives, Liverpool needs a plan B of attack against low block defensive approaches, pace won't work when there is no space to run to.

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