"I am OBSESSED!" Tom Aspinall on coping with fame, chasing the title, and London return

Ahead of his second UFC London main event of the year when he fights Curtis Blaydes on July 23rd, Tom Aspinall spoke to Adam Catterall about all aspects of life and fighting.

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  1. The Main man of media claims to be the MAN of Aspinall content (Chael Sonnen<—-crap!) wtf!!!!! He expects TOM to talk and sell and BS, but NOT BLAYDES!..?!?

    That’s weird considering Curtis is a definite HW top talent….?!?

    I would like Hanging out with Tom, at his Gym, with his fam/team…learning about him/his gym/ what he spent the Queen’s Jubilee doing (as an American, what does the ALPHA of heavyweights do to celebrate all) etc! 🤗

  2. It's great to have a Mancunian lad (manchester) in the heavy weight devision. 💪

    Looking forward to watching Tom rise. Bags of potential and he's a savage.

    Salford lads ain't to be messed with lol Salford has got the most notorious reputation in Manchester, believe me, that aside Tom's game as a badger.!

    His ring intelligence is slept on, he's an intelligent fighter with great octagon I.Q

  3. How short sighted and pathetic of the ufc as a platform to make it so difficult for their future superstars to stay in the game financially. This is why I listen to people like Tim Kennedy and Francis Ngannou and Ariel Helwani about fighter pay, branding, and health insurance.

  4. Tom is a good fighter and i really hope he does the UK proud. BUT… HE IS SOOOO BORING. Just listening to him makes me wanna go to sleep. Brain Cells are limited. Deffo stick to fighting Tom.

  5. He's the only UK standout that has the well rounded skill set from the jump to compete at the pinnacle.

    Got love for the home team but, Till dropped the ball by having the grappling ability of my long deceased grandparent and Leon isn't going to be able to keep Usman off of him long enough to touch gold, love Allen but I doubt he defeats the top of that division.

    But Tom, Tom is rounded from the jump; BJJ black belt, skilled kickboxer, skilled boxer having trained extensively with the Fury's, a good wrestling base for a UK staple. He's easily our best shot since Bisping.

  6. HWT Champ Come 2023 Will be Francis or Jones 2024 might consist of them two tied up in a trilogy as well (if Jones is returning) then come end of 2024 beginning of 2025 it'll be the Aspinall & Gane Show

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