How will the new Champions League work?

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The new format for the UEFA Champions League has been confirmed. After proposing a “Swiss Model”, UEFA has taken on board feedback from member clubs and has finalised a new version of the Champions League.

But what is it? What will it mean for your club? Who is unhappy?

Written by Dan Sheldon, illustrated by Alice Devine.

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  1. Original Format is best 👍
    This is absurd,all big teams will be playing knockout and there will be no surprise teams and drama in there, with small team defeating big ones

  2. The Champions League should be for Champions only, not second, third, fourth etc.

    It should be feasible to have 32 teams from across the European Continent take part (with qualifying for smaller ranked nations) and eight groups of four teams, a knock-out round and then the quarter-finals, semi-finals and final.

    One Champion per European Nation, with second and third placed sides going into the UEFA Cup and the Cup Winners (if not one of the top three sides) going into the Cup Winners Cup… you know, how it used to be before UEFA and FIFA thought 'every side deserves a participation trophy.'

  3. Useless format more teams from England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 will only lead to miserable 😖 football viewing. Except for Manchester City in the premier league other top teams couldn’t care less about passing and possession, rather they would implement hoof the ball up the field and employ rugby tactics to win their matches at any cost or by all means. Having said all that premier league teams can be competitive because of their healthier financial budgets. Whereas Ligue 1 and Bundesliga are literally waste and adds no quality to the champions league competition aside from BAYERN MUNCHEN and PSG. Whereas in Serie A at least 2 teams compete for the scudetto. LA LIGA is still the best league in the European continent because of the way teams play their football. Hopefully with good revenue streams more teams for La LIGA should be given the nod ahead of other leagues in Europe to play in champions league

  4. As a fan of football, we should stand up together and stop this, like how we stopped the super league, our voice is loud and clear

  5. Last thing we need is more teams from the big national league. They got plenty of spots already. What they should do is divide out spots geographically. Say Scandinavia gets one spot. The mediterranean countries gets two, baltic countries gets X amount and so on. And the champions from those countries can play each other for them. You would get some great games between neighboring countries and cover all of Europe in the process.

  6. Dont agree with the 2 places for the last seasons best two performing nations. These spots should be made available to national champions that dont currently qualify automatically, it is actually called the champions league. How many champions actually compete each season considering all the 2nd 3rd and 4th places teams that have direct access

  7. would potentially a mini era of english dominance in europe lead to someone outside of the top half getting European football?

  8. I'm convinced they're screwing smaller teams over on purpose so they make the Europa League more prestigious for 'the rest'

  9. UCL is too top heavy. Remember when the top three leagues were limited to two teams in UCL, one team in the Cup-winners Cup and four in Liga Europa? (Well, there used be limits.) My qualification would be winning your domestic league or domestic cup, winning the previous year's UCL, Liga Europa or Conference League or being lucky being in one of the three top leagues' runner-up. Since every country should have two representatives, Liechtenstein's cup runner-up would also qualify.

    The minnows should be able to generate money, so my UCL first phase (Sept. to Nov.) would be league play with four-team groups. Each winner and runner-up advancing to the second phase while the third and fourth placed teams enter the Liga Europa's second phase.

    The second phase (Feb./Mar. to May) is the traditional home and away knockout rounds.

    The introduction of group play has diluted UCL. Madrid's run in the knockouts is what UCL should be about. The occasional minnow tripping the giant is good for the sport. Giving chances to the smaller clubs would strengthen the game not watching the big clubs dominate. 😔

  10. Lost interest in ECL after only pay TV broadcast games. This tournament should be for the league champions of each league in Europe, regardless of country. This would also increase the prestige of the Europa League, and Conference League with clubs finishing 2nd, 3rd and 4th of big leagues going into those tournaments. Also, ditch the ECL name and just call it the European Cup.

  11. The Swiss model seems extremely stupid. What happens when one club finishes 17th because they had to play 8 big teams and another club finishes 7th after playing 8 easier teams?? The point of a league is that every team plays every other team home and away so that its fair. The Swiss model is frankly idiotic and I can't believe they replaced a perfectly good format with it. Not to mention added even more games!!! 😡

  12. Small clubs like Arsenal and United will be cheering for Liverpool, City and Chelsea to do well in the CL so they can also qualify. Haha small clubs indeed.

  13. i don’t get the hate around this. sure the old system wasn’t bad but this isn’t some horrible thing the comments are making it out to be. the champions league will be 3x more competitive and this gives incentive to ligue un, liga NOS and the erdivisie to get better so they can compete in the champions league. regardless of if you like this or not, it’s not the end of the world and definitely not nearing the death of football

  14. I all for more team to compete but at least give the extra spots OUTSIDE of top 5 league and they can give one spot to the winner's league if they want to……. nah that also is too much.

    Let's all rant at uefa

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