How will Liverpool perform after losing Sadio Mane and bringing in Darwin Nunez? | ESPN FC

Nedum Onuoha joins ESPN FC to discuss Sadio Mane being set to join Bayern Munich and Liverpool bringing in Darwin Nunez.

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  1. I would given Sadio the contract rather than Salah he is versatile adaptable and can play across the front three. Salah has become all about the money. Like the fact he could to other team in the premier league( essentially courting Chelsea and city)

  2. People were talking about doom and gloom when Coutinho left, a fantastic player yes, but one who was hard to see how he was going to fit into the 4-3-3 at the time. Klopp didn't trust him to play in the midfield because his defensive output wasn't good enough and wouldn't really play him wide left when you had a much more dynamic Mane at the time. I look at the evolution of this LIverpool team to what I think will be a 4-2-3-1. With Fabinho and Thiago in double pivot with Diaz on the left, Salah on the right, Elliott/Carvalho/Firmino in the 10 and Nunez up front, and I struggle to find where Mane would play in that team now, so I think it is the right time to move on and I'm excited to see this new era of Liverpool going forward

  3. FSG are billionaires but they’re being greedy with Salah. Pay him what he’s worth for Gods sake. He’s the top scorer and chance creator in the league for the last 5 years!

    Wage structure only exists coz he’s Muslim let’s be real.

  4. History shows every player is replaceable why would Mane be the exception? LFC won all games without him and Salah when they played in the ACON.

  5. Seeing those comments who said Liverpool should keep Mane made me cringe. Mane personally requested to leave, he wanted a new challenge, what do you expect Liverpool to do? Held him at gunpoint? Are y'all dumb?

    And those who said Nunez isn't going to do this and that, do you think Klopp would go around and blow 100M on a player for fun? Klopp is already building his new LFC team that we fans believe can compete for many,many years to come but apparently the experts here think they should play the same players for centuries

  6. Don't have to be. Diaz is brilliant, how you know he won't shine? We already know Salah capabilities and a mixture with Jota and Bobby. Nunes is an exciting addition.

  7. that liverpool forward was looking stale until diaz signed. it's about time mane left, and salah should follow. most teams know a lot about them already. YNWA

  8. All these so call pundits always get everything wrong lol my American Eskimo dog 🐶 know more than these clowns ESPN=EPL is the best football league in the world 😂😂😂😂they say Real Madrid could never win round 16 quarter finals semifinals and Liverpool will win the final,, I’m still celebrating 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

  9. Liverpool might drop off a little next season… But I expect City to drop off a lot as well… I think Haaland will upset the apple cart a bit there, plus he is injury prone also. I think city will win the title, but I don't think they will walk away with it.

  10. these ESPN people think that a club can just stick with the same 3 players for 20 years up front don't they? I'll tell you what, Firmino, Salah and Maé have stayed together at the same club longer than any strike partners have ever in the premier league. most partnership break up after 3 years. just look back through history.. Ole and Yorke, how long did they play together, Sherkingham and Cole. Bergkamp and Wright… Firmino, Salah and Mané have outlasted all of them, it was time

  11. Nunez's toe is worth 10 times more than Mane. Mane played down the middle and got an embarrassing goal and assist record. Golden boat once in 8 years of Prem league. Garbage overrated player

  12. Liverpool didn't bring in Nunez, they brought in Diaz and Nunez. Between them this last season, these two new arrivals scored 63 goals in all club competitions, compared to 23 for Mane. Mane scored 5 from 13 Champions League starts, and Diaz was not far behind with 4 from 13, but Nunez is ahead of both, scoring 6 from 10 starts. Even as we are sad to see Mane leave, it should be remembered that his underlying performance, in terms of pressing, and running, was declining season on season, and his rate of goal scoring per match while excellent was no better than 8 or 9 other Premier League forwards, including Son, Kane, Ronaldo, Vardy and Jota. Whereas Mane scored a goal every 177 minutes in the PL, with a goal conversation ratio of 16, Nunez scored one every 77 minutes, the fastest rate in Europe alongside Lewandowski, with a conversation ratio of 30%. In fact, both Diaz and Nunez are statistically speaking better players than Salah and Mane were when they joined Liverpool. So I don't think there is much worry that Liverpool will be getting goals out of the new signings.. What Mane also had was a knack for scoring clutch goals, and it remains to be seen whether they can replicate that.

  13. Liverpool have just handed the next EPL title to city by selling Mane. U don't sell your best players. Nunez or Diaz can't replace Mane. Mane is a different beast. City don't sell their best players. That's the huge difference. Salah's level will drop cuz of Mane's departure. Mark my words.

  14. Salah is gonna fall off massively next season as he knows that Liverpool is not gonna pay him what he wants, manne gone and Nunez has a big question mark over his head. I reckon city is gonna run away with the title yet again….

  15. Liverpool are 100% weaker with Mane gone. Dont let these liverpool pundits in the media fool you when they say "ahh we have diaz and nunez". Mane is far better than them and they know. Mane is right now in the top 3 best players in the world

  16. Mane can play the 3 positions up front. No one in Liverpool can do that. Liverpool couldn't wait to get rid of him and we'll see if that was a wise decision. One thing is for sure, Mane will excel wherever he goes.

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