How is Kylian Mbappe feeling after Real Madrid's Champions League title? | ESPN FC Extra Time

On this edition of Extra Time, the crew discuss:

0:00 Intro
2:43 Is Liverpool the best team in Europe?
5:12 How is Kylian Mbappe feeling now?
6:35 Will Vinicius Jr. end up with a better career than Neymar?
8:42 Is Liverpool looking at Darwin Nunez?
9:30 What was Frank told about handling Ronaldo?

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  1. Mbappe plays extremely well if given space. Problem is against bigger teams there is no such space unless created by a Neymar or Messi. Vini is better than Mbappe. He scores and assists against all big clubs. Mbappe mainly scores and assists against very weak opponent like Metz.

  2. Okay let’s say Liverpool didn’t the champions league because it is a cup competition and not always the best team ending winning it. But if you’re the best team in the world then you must win the premier league at least, yes they lost the domestic league by one point but they have shown throughout the season that they couldn’t win against any top 4 side!! Then how can we say they are the best team in the world and not even in England!! Yes they are number two best team after man City.

  3. madrid definitely had the best season among all the big clubs in europe and its a very special season for them.. despite the teams they beat , it doesnt feel like when bayern or barcelona were european champions as they were more dominant.. but as they showed on a two legged or a single final ,they can beat any one.. they deserve to be called the best team right now..

  4. Man Shitty are the greatest team in europe although Real Madrid completely battered them in 2 minutes and got UCL trophy along the way, Manchster Shitty are still the best! XD

  5. Kylian Mbappe choosed PSG… Real moving on. This saga is over. Mbappe doesn't regret His decision and Real was disapointed He didn't come. I'm Madrista and it was a blow He didn't came but We are moving on. Kid made a decision we need to respect that. I was disgusted the fans was chanting Mbappe hijo de pu
    I understand the frustration but comon this goes to far. Case is close let it rest.

  6. ESPN is hemorrhaging viewers on all fronts. Watching this crew discuss domestic UK football is tolerable (barely) but when they discuss European football it makes sense why they are losing viewers. You can't be so openly biased and not expect viewers to seek more intelligent analysis rather than "the EPL is the best", "EPL clubs are best in Europe even if they don't win European trophies"
    I like watching the EPL don't get me wrong, it's just that the ESPN punditry and sensationalism is just unbearably, well, bad and click-baitey.

  7. These guys always overthink, best team in Europe 2022 is Real Madrid, that's the whole point of a competition. Later this year we'll find out best team in the world for 2022 with the World Cup. Your opinion is just an opinion. On the record there is a factual best team of the year per the competitions the whole point of it!

  8. Real Madrid won UCL playin with several almost retired players..
    This new season the team will b the bomb on everything.

  9. Vinicius is EXACTLY what Mbappe is supposed to be right now. Winning tough leagues and scoring the winning UCL final goal.

    Mbappe: Arthur fist

  10. I guess the new tradition in human society is that the loser or 2nd place team are the best, and should be crowned Champions. I guess Real should just get a participation trophy. I guess you Britishers suspend reality and live in your own fantasy world. Stevie is either crazy or stupid, either way he should be retired. This continued disrespect of the Royal team will only lead to more pain, agony, and defeat for any EPL squad that they face. Now I know why the French authorities tear gassed you fools!! Hala Madrid!

  11. This Steve Nicols being on TV talking about football is insulting for football fans all over the world. His opinions are purely biased and eitg no base at all. The guy is a complete mockery to football

  12. Sooooo, if I did your girl for over a year, and when she finally decides to leave you and begin a relationship with me you have to give her money in order to stay with you,,,, who are you in the story, who is your girl, and who am I??

  13. So much hate and envy for Real Madrid. What more must Real do to earn the respect Champions deserve? Real Madrid have redefined football and until others get it that having the final score in your favor is all that matters, they will continue to brag about dominating possession, having more shots on goal, but with nothing to celebrate at fulltime.

  14. Jules and Frank are like childish adults. It's fascinating to see grown men just denying everything to make it seems like the greatest club of the world is belittled by Mbappe. It's like Mbappe is their father, he cant do no wrong, he is a genius and he is perfect… man, he's human he can do mistakes, Steven Gerard said that he thinks Mbappe will think about rejecting Madrid in his quiet times and I believe that, anybody would.

  15. I wonder how Haaland, Kane, Grealish and all the other hundreds of players feel about RM. They didn't sign also. Who is producing these ridiculous videos? Geesh 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  16. You aguys are giving a lot less respect to Real Madrid. Come next season all the EPL overhyped teams will be crushed again. Mark my words

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