How FIFA and EA Sports Split

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The FIFA football game will no longer be made by EA Sports. The two organisations have gone their separate ways, EA Sports will continue to make a football game, and FIFA will keep their name.

But how did this come about? Why split? What happens now? And what is the fallout?

Written by Lord of the Games, Iain Macintosh, illustrated by Philippe Fenner.

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  1. I hate EA, but jesus christ this is such a massive loss for FIFA. Yes this will drive more innovation in the market due to competition, but it won't be for a while.

    People think you can just make a good game from scratch, but it takes years sometimes even a decade or more worth of experience before you can start dishing out stuff on the level of the most popular game titles.

    Yes they can partner up with Konami, but if you think Konami will be any better than EA, take a look at Nintendo and how they communicate with their playerbase/ communities. Video game companies from eastern countries are notorious for being terrible at communicating with their playerbase.

    And honestly if you were still playing that god awful franchise your life was probably miserable regardless and you should seek help.

  2. So as usual FIFA want to fill their pockets. And so messed up this partnership 😂. They are doomed. And it it makes EA pull up their socks even more. Good for the customers

  3. Me and the Wife had a similar split, I kept our Surname she took all the Money. I still consider myself the winner!

  4. Although I am a big fan of this channel based on its “the atlethic ”links. I have noticed a new emerging trend from this channel recently. Most of the channels takes are becoming more and more one sided rather than simply giving out the info and allowing viewers forming their own opinions. Take this for example, even a lay can can clearly tell this was heavily one sided on the EA sport point of view and less fifa’s. While I do understand it may not be intended, the concurrent trend is becoming a cause for alarm. My advice is bring back the “give you all the fact of the matter and you form your opinion ” times back.

    Kind regards.

  5. ‘Konami has the resources, expertise and experience’ – this guy clearly doesn’t know much about modern Konami, they’re a joke of a company nowadays 😅

  6. Huh FIFA is only the licences literally nothing to do with how they make the game. EA Sport FC will probably be the same game minus all the licences but a big company like them can probably pay for most of the teams to join them? Correct me if I'm wrong. Surely FIFA should make the licencing cheaper and more games purchase them surley making more money right?

  7. FIFA are so arrogant, they think people buy the game for those four letters, not what goes on in the game. a rose by any other name, would still smell as sweet. Call it what you want, but people will still play EAs football game

  8. If only Rockstar ain't making the new FIfa title, I ain't hoping for anything else than some garbage like Efootball. Heck you even mentioned 2K. GOD!

  9. Not really a Fifa fan, but I am a massive Football Manager fan and remember their split from Champ Manager. The name of Fifa may retain people for a time, but eventually the better product always wins. It did feel like choosing between two parents in a divorce though!

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