Herculez Gomez on Christian Pulisic: Not sure if picking fights with the fan base is the best move

Herculez Gomez reacts to Christian Pulisic’s post-match comments criticizing the support for the USMNT in their friendly against Morocco.

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  1. Hes right though. I hate how many Americans go to college football games and NFL games yet don’t care about soccer. American football is dead. Time to start embracing soccer people. Its the global sport.

  2. My wife and I went down from mid-Michigan and it was a fun time. We were at the US offensive end on the goal line, up pretty high, opposite the TV camera view. Pulisic's control of that long pass, patience to beat his man, and then finding Aaronson streaking down the middle is one of the best goals I've seen live. From our angle it looked even better than on TV.

    That being said, when we arrived I was surprised at how many Morocco fans there were. I wasn't surprised by their loudness and enthusiasm as they have a reputation for that. I was saying I expect this when we play Mexico in Texas or SoCal, but Morocco in Ohio? I can see 10's point.

    The cost was a lot. Tickets were around $150 each, hotel that would have cost $150 not that long ago was $250, and food and gas prices of course are nuts. $25 parking seemed a bargain in comparison. Upgrading to a lower seat closer to the goal line would have been much, much more. So I can see the cost being a major factor.

    I was wondering if an earlier start time might attract more people who work downtown. If you start at 6, end at 8, and get home by 9, that's a much more manageable evening.

  3. Hercules gomez is so real man all the time.I don’t appreciate the fake analyst which are many journalist when they talking about soccer aka football .Morocco besides salah is just Morocco international soccer team that will go no where in real football .USA need to step it up big big time in this coming World Cup and make history .It’s on Berhalter to make this happen and pick the right team on game day and make things happen let’s gooooo USA

  4. Lol people in the comments saying the ticket prices were too high yet Morocco had fans that were able to not only buy tickets to the game but also pay for their flights and their hotels/motels…

  5. I meant yall acting like this is the first time this had happened in the last year…we have had MULTIPLE home games where there have been more away fans than u.s fans… Luke in the Mexico game in Denver there were WAYYYY more Mexico fans than u.s fans in the stadium

  6. His comments were justifiable. If you're the captain of your national team, you have grounds to call out the fan base for not showing up but it was a poor scheduling for the venue.

  7. Not sure what ticket prices were for this match but I’ve wanted to go see the USMNT play in the past and the price was steep. Now with prices for everything from food to gas way up looks like going to a football match is on the back burner for many families.

  8. What Christian said was fine. Morocco should not get that much support on US soil. Probably more an immigration problem that USSF can't solve, but noticing and not liking this state of affairs is fine and normal.

  9. Complaining about ticket price for a “friendly”.. y’all don’t get it. Complaining about Moroccan-American need to root for USMNT.. y’all don’t get it. Sitting on your hands when US is playing ball out the back, combo play, linking up.. yall don’t get it. Morocco fans cheered their team on every attack, paid the money, came from all over US. I’d be pissed too if I was Pulisic. Fans don’t deserve this kind of team. USMNT were fun to watch.. too bad it was Moroccan fans that enjoyed it.

  10. Pulisic has a point though. He's playing for his country as hard as he can in his own country. It would be nice to see the U.S. fans backing them up with support.

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