1. This video brings back memories. I remember when you just started and watching you live talking about football transfers while on your way walking to your office

  2. Brian Lara. He's one of, if not thee greatest batsman in cricket (top 2 for sure). Never won a world cup West Indies team was sh*t in his time lol. If he didn't make runs, no one did.
    Morale of the story, ever great player needs a great team to win stuff.

  3. Benfica (no european trophy after eusebio era), David Coulthard (F1 McLaren Mercedes), Robert Lewandowski (ballon dor robbed), 1982 Brazil national team

  4. Ps. The 80's Springbok team (Rugby) was considered the best in the world by many but due to isolation (Apartheid) they could never compete in World Cup in 1988 in New Zealand

  5. Messi and Ronaldo. No world cups. They are still gonna go down as top 5 greatest players ever. Ronaldo El fenomeno no ucl probably the greatest striker (1v1) we will ever see. Don’t compare football to individual sports.

  6. This is really hard, Carmelo Anthony and James Harden never won a championship but basketball is a team sport. Felipe Massa in F1 lost the championship by 1 point. Marie Jose Talou in track and field, is the perfect example, she is incredibly fast but came 4th at the Olympics a lot. In terms of specific teams not clubs, José Mourinho's Madrid and his first Chelsea as well as Wenger's Arsenal deserved a UCL, but these don't really count.

  7. You could say Andy Murray although he's won 3 slams and Olympic gold he was at the same level as Federer Nadal and Djokovic and ended up losing a load of big finals and semi finals to them, the gap of 17 slams doesn't show how close he was to them at his best

  8. Tim Henman, Tyson Gaye (sprinter)

    Buffalo Bills went to four straight superbowls and lost them all. Denver Broncos with John Elway did similar

    Let me get back to you with the others🙂

  9. Tony Ferguson had a win streak of 12 fights in the UFC without ever having fought for the undisputed championship belt. In the world of fighting this is crazy!

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