Harry Kane to replace Sadio Mane🫢 Major Tchouameni Update✅ Gnabry to Arsenal❓

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  1. Why would Liverpool let Mane go because they can't afford to pay a 29 year old more than £200K a week only to go buy Kane who's 29 years old and is going to command wages of more than £200K a week as he's already on those wages and will cost £100M+, why would they do that? Does it make any sense to any of you? Lol come on people don't be gullible to click-bait stories!!

  2. "Nunes isn't proven. Harry Kane is the answer"
    That's probably the school boy analysis that made United sign Maguire while City signed Ruben Dias and Liverpool signed Robertson.

  3. Lol. This is not happening. “Liverpool do it the right way they don’t spend money like city” …. The irony will be amazing. Refusing to spend on their star they choose to spend more on another star. Mane go and get paid man. You are not appreciated there.

  4. Kane is great but we have to go for young players like Darwin or Danjuma I think they can deliver for us and they can develop into something special as we know how Klopp can do with young talented strikers

  5. Yes, Liverpool Football Club should sign Harry Kane who hasnt won or had a shot on target in any final to win trophies. Terry is an absolute clown.

  6. After watching 3 finals without scoring goal! Frankly speaking, Liverpool MUST MUST break the bank to buy a proven world class striker, I prefer either Kane or Son, however, anybody will do 🙏😇 please!

  7. Terry he,s lost 1 final in his last 5 , don't be bringing old shit up we all knew he lost a lot of finals but his last 5 this last one was his first loss in the 5 so don't be talking like Klopp can't win finals , salty Manc

  8. Liverpool will do whatever their plan may be and nothing from the outside perception will change that. They HAVE to go at get Kane , ok ye Terry cos he,s just like Saido isn't he? Behave yourself lad. YNWA

  9. Gutted and now the idiots who were saying Saido should be sold mid-season will realise the absolute folly of their criticisms, he always turns up and contributes in every game no matter if he scores or not, I said any club would want Saido and ask rival fans if they would take Saido, I'm gutted he deserved more love , such a humble guy. YNWA

  10. Terry’s living real time. He just innocently forgot that there’s a big article that Klopp and Liverpool were gonna go big time for Son in the transfer market.

    No wonder Son is so criminally underrated in the world. You’ve got people like Terry 🤣

  11. Liverpool are on the decline…..especially if Mane leaves. They'll need to do some rebuilding cause they've peaked. Kane will stay with Tottenham and I wouldn't be suprised if Tottenham don't challenge City for the title next season if Conte stays and gets to bring in a few of the players he wants. I'm not even a Spurs fan, I support Arsenal so don't even come at me in the comments saying I'm delusional. No, I know football andI know what I've seen from Conte and he can very very possibly give Spurs their first ever EPL trophy and anyone that underestimates his ability is a fool.

  12. Sometimes I wonder why Son is so criminally underrated by the British media and I think I just got the answer.

    Terry says Kane is the perfect replacement for Mane. Says he’s the only player. Holy moly shit😂

    And, you’re making a living talking football ⁉️

    Surely without a doubt Kane is a phenomenal striker, however how in god’s name do you blatantly diss Son who just won the Golden boot, Blistering pace that suits Klopp’s system, literally scores from everywhere with both feet and most importantly has been Klopp’s favorite player since at Dortmund.

    Just how on earth do you imagine Kane functioning under Klopp’s press and counter pressing ❓ Kane isn’t known for his pace 😂
    Perhaps you’re suggesting to rid Klopp’s system all together ⁉️

    Son is absolutely the best left winger in the premier league right now and was voted by the players in the PFA Team of the season as their choice last year
    Arguably one of the best in the world.

    Terry, you’re not remotely qualified to disagree with the players vote as are fans and pundits alike.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if Son was voted in the PFA Team of the Season as the best Left winger again this season and possibly the PFA player’s player of the season.
    Callum Wilson, Newcastle say’s Son is the best player in the league.
    Antonio, West Ham say’s Son has been the best player in the league for a couple seasons and rates him to be better than Salah.
    Surely , other players will have a different opinion, but to diss Son like you did⁉️
    So Terry, are you remotely qualified to disagree ⁉️
    I’m pretty sure the players know what they’re talking about and I pray that you’re not delusional to think otherwise.

    I also sincerely hope this 💩is not racially biased and prejudice.
    It’s 2022 for god’s sake and the way you completely dissed Son, a left winger who plays in the same position as Mane is beyond comprehension.

    It’s a sad day. These people are so prejudice and irrational it’s pathetic.

    If this is not a racial bias and if it’s pure football intelligence, you’re an idiot.

    No room for racism. Take the knee 😂

  13. It's never EVER EVVERRR!!! Going to happen,, Kane will not leave Tottenham for Liverpool,, si just stop talking about it and talk about something that's possible coz Kane to Liverpool is a joj starter,, Harry Kane is in talks over a new contract. You heard it first Kane will sign a 3 year extension to his spurs contract. Dean COYS!

  14. fan turn out means nothing terry liverpool fans would celebrate like that if klopp had a shit and he didnt need to wipe his arse they are a crazy sad no life all the time in the world bunch

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