Glover Teixeira v Jiri Prochazka Tactical Breakdown | UFC 275 | Dan Hardy Breakdown Show

Dan Hardy takes an in-depth look at a fascinating stylistic matchup when Glover Teixeira puts his light heavyweight title on the line against Jiri Prochazka at UFC 275.

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  1. The Jiri that fought Dom Reyes looked like an executioner coming to collect his soul. A truly terrifying individual. A scary display of cold and violent indifference against a very tough, but emotional Reyes. Unreal. Didn’t help that there was no crowd either.

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  3. I really don’t see Jiri slow down. I just don’t. Some opponents just gave up in the 1min break of the fight because Jiri just doesnt stop. He is still there and present.

  4. If they stand it's going to look like how a dynamic Giga Chikaze got beat by the basic boxing of Calvin Kattar, If Glover decides to wrestle it will look like Frankie Edgar vs Yair Rodriguez, either way Glover Wins!

  5. It still blows my mind that Glover beat Jan. I wonder what was wrong with Jan, as I've never seen him so mentally weak before.

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