Gabriel Jesus to Arsenal Advanced ▶️ PRICE SET & Massive Terms Offered | Arsenal News

Arsenal ‘are ready to DOUBLE Gabriel Jesus’ salary to £200,000 to persuade the Man City forward to join the Gunners’ despite missing out on the top four… ‘with Emirates chiefs already holding talks with his agent’

Arsenal are prepared to double Gabriel Jesus’ wage at Manchester City in a bid to lure him to North London, according to reports.

The Brazilian has been linked with a move away from the Etihad this summer after Erling Haaland signed for Pep Guardiola’s side last month.

Manchester City are reportedly ready to speak to Jesus’ representatives in the coming days while the striker is on international duty.

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  1. Yo why does all these streamers think they look professional in these black n red chairs.. no originality come on my gee!! Get a throne n show man who's king 👊

  2. Pay the money. I don't care what the plastic wannabe Kroenkes think, it's not their money. We were paying Lackathrett close to that sum every week.

  3. We always start the season half cocked we never have a pre-season and start the season with all the players in and a team ready go. The Arsenal fans are so sick of it we want all the deals done and dusted early everyone in so we ready prepared for the start of the season for once !! 😁👍🏻

  4. we need bissouma as awell as tielemans, gives us so many more options in bigger games. jesus is great but we need another forward, whether thats scamacca or a winger.

  5. We need a proper midfielder to cover either Partey or Xhaka if one or both get injured. And dont forget we still have Florin Balogun we dont necessarily need more than one new striker.

  6. The sooner the better. It would definitely benefit Arsenal more to get these deals across the line asap. We need these players integrated and comfortable by the start of the season

  7. I find it really funny how every body and there dog no we will pay Jesus 200k a week to join. no one but the partys involved in the deal no how much we have side we will pay Jesus. Why would the club tell the newspapers how much thay will pay Jesus a week and Why would Jesus say how much arsenal have side thay will pay him make it make sense for love of god.

  8. Honestly as long as we have a proper window, i dont really care when the players come in. In all cases, the players are going to take a proper break before the season starts.

  9. 65m for Jesus and Zinchenko deal… done dusted.
    50m for skimaca 25m for tielamens
    140m spent. Hickey 25m maqinhos? And player sales could be a great window

  10. It's 200k including bonuses which I believe is fair. The man is in his prime, has the experience and championship pedigree, also preforms at a high level. Makes a lot of sense.

  11. He is a top goal scorer and we currently don’t have a goal scorer apart from Eddie so I think it’s worth the wages he will bang harder then laca did

  12. Arsenal are always Sideways and backwards on and off the pitch. We're not in a position to be holding out over £10m – £15m. If you want a player you pay the money

  13. Firstly it`s pronounced as Gjesus, like in Gerrard. It`s portuguese not spanish. Secondly, it`s interesting to see how you pick and choose to show the source of all these comments/tweets etc. Very interesting🤔

  14. I don’t think we’ll drag it out, Arteta seems to me like he’s abit more serious then that, he’ll want him in the team asap

  15. The transfer fee…Arsenal know Jesus wants the move so they do have the right to negotiate that down it's called good business concidering we have ex premier league negotiator Richard Garlick he's also a qualified lawyer 🤔the days of having Dick Law as our chief negotiator are long gone 😂😂Dick Law was responsible for giving 35m to Valencia for Mustafi lmao.

  16. Jesus is taking a big step down if he joins arsenal n therefore arsenal HAVE to offer a big wage.

    not sure it's a great move for the player but its a great move for arsenal if they can land it. I don't think they shud be quibble over a little here n there

  17. This is why Arsenal lowered their wage bill before we had Ozil 350k ,Auba 250k before his bumper 350k, Kola 100k, Mustafi 100k, Laca 190k, some bang average players earning stupid earnings with little return..Auba was the only one who justified his wages he carried Arsenal for two seasons but after the fallout with Mikel scoring 4 goals on 350k was awful his head wasn't at the club.

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