FULL REACTION to Real Madrid’s Champions League Final win vs. Liverpool | ESPN FC

The ESPN FC crew of Dan Thomas, Steve Nicol, Craig Burley, Alejandro Moreno, Alexis Nunes, Frank Leboeuf and Stewart Robson react to Real Madrid’s 1-0 win against Liverpool in the Champions League Final.

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  1. I think Liverpool need to buy a more defensive right-back – someone in the Wan Bissaka mould – to give Klopp an alternative to TAA. Plus he needs a young energetic box to box midfielder – like Cannavinga – who can cover for TAA to go forward

  2. In one of the segments this Stevie guy was saying… we're talking logic. His opening statements are so illogical. Give him a glass of water please

  3. As a City fan, I thank Real Madrid for humbling Liverpool. Liverpool fans, their manager and the biased media thought they had the upperhand against Real madrid. Had Liverpool won, we would not have had the end of their arrogance. Thanks to Real madrid and of course I have won some handsome amount of money from betting apps after placing a real madrid 1-0 win 😁😁😁

  4. Stevie sounds like he’s about to cry, but the fact is this Liverpool team was overhyped. All the talk about the quadruple had everyone believing this team is better than it is

    This Liverpool team was unlikely going to win the Premier League with City in the driver’s seat for months

    This Liverpool team had the easiest road to the Champions League final in years. They couldn’t have asked for an easier walk into this Final when they drew Inter, Benfica, and Villarreal

    And this team barely won its League Cup and FA Cup matches against Chelsea thanks to some good fortune in penalty kicks, one of which went eleven rounds

    This Liverpool team scored ZERO goals in three finals in 330 minutes in 2022. Zero goals

    Despite all the quadruple hype, this Liverpool team was two bad PKs away from playing the most games possible in a season and winning zero trophies

    This panel’s bias for English teams made them blind to the fact that Madrid was a serious threat to win this final and that this Liverpool team is good but not as great as they’ve believed

  5. I don't know how these people still doubted Real Madrid. They just don't learn that Madrid thrives off this kind of pressure. They are completely fine with being the underdogs. And Liverpool haven't been playing that well in recent games actually. And it was a game of 2 halves😁

  6. Did anyone forget Benzema's goal as legit yet it was disallowed for some reason 🕵 (The ball came off from Liverpool's defender and Valverde wasn't involved)

  7. Don't tell us that Liverpool did not play the way they want it or they did not play how they usually play. These so called analysts should quit their jobs. Madrid doesn't need overrated and overpriced players just to win!

  8. les anglais se sont fait défoncer par cette équipe madrilène pleine d'expérience et de jeunes talents. faire sortir CHELSEA MAN CITY et battre LIVERPOOL en final (The BIG 3 in premier league) et ils continuent a dire que le REAL MADRID (13.. ET MAINTEMENAT 14) ne méritait pas de ganger. vraiment je vais arreter de voir ces POST MATCH a l'anglais.
    Certe le PSG CHELSEA CITY ET LIVERPOOL ont des joueurs talentueux et dans une bonne dynamique de jeu. Mais LE REAL en reconstruction et fin de cycle a su exploité l'expérience de ces joueurs (MODRIC KROOS CASÉ KARIM CARVAJAL) avec l'audace et le talent des jeunes (VINI RODRYGO VALVERDE MENDY MILITAO CAMAVINGA..)

  9. Madrid finished 85 minutes of the game making one substitution😳
    while Liverpool made 3 since 65…Playing with 4 strikers and still nothing. Wow…ESPN fails to mention important things….

  10. "Got lucky and scored with any scraps they got" What a joke.
    How about the only way Liverpool were going to win is if the three up front that you praise so much, stepped up and actually scored in the final, unlike the other two finals.

  11. Liverpool need a killer at centre forward. It’s the difference between finishing second in the EPL by one point and taking the best of several chances against Madrid.

  12. Real Madrid deserves credit.
    PSG, Chelsea, Man City, Liverpool…This was not a coincidence!

    Possession doesn't win games! Especially these big games, look at Mourinho, 5/5 european finals with 4 different teams.

  13. Thibaut Courtois was superb. The best performance of his career…MoM…RMA Winning both trophy with an aging Madrid side…other than that no big notable play…

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