Florentino Perez isn’t too upset about Real missing out on Mbappe 😅

Florentino Perez isn’t too upset about Real missing out on Mbappe 😅 (via @henrygr126)

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  1. Real Madrid are giving off this Kind of energy
    The Dude that got Bumped by a hot girl and says he doesn’t Care But he cry’s about it and Speak ill about her in public although he still wants her . I think mbappe Knew what he was doing when he said no . You people in the Comments are acting like you were in his shoes . Well the truth is you aren’t and will never be in his shoes because you don’t have the ability that he has , you aren’t as fast as he is although you call him a pace merchant. You can’t pass or Dribble as well as he can although you say he’s technically not good enough, you can’t convert the chances He can although you say he is Wasteful and Lastly You can’t Score 25 plus goals in A top 5 league like ligue 1 even Though you say it’s a farmers league .

  2. Mbappe with all his talent will mostly stay at PSG in the rubbish league until 26 years old, think of all the greats that were destroying leagues in the early 20s 🤡🤦‍♂️

  3. Makes me wonder, where will Mbappe play after PSG if Madrid doesn't get him. Nobody in EPL can afford him apart from city(who already has Haaland). Bayern can't afford him and so can't any serie A team. Madrid is probably his only option.

  4. Yeah that mercenary deserves to end his career at that finished club in Paris with a couple of billions in the bank and ZERO CL trophies

  5. City – 50M Haaland
    Madrid,Lpool – 100M Signings
    Madrid,Lpool – plot Super League
    Madrid,Lpool – VARcically rob City
    Tebas – City Ruining Football
    City vs Establishment/VAR,No?😂

  6. Madrid – Great Club,Corrupt Club?😂
    Madrid VARcically robbed City
    Casemiro escapes 2 Reds
    Benzema Dive given Penalty
    Proof on "Barca Legion" Channel

  7. i mean if haaland goes to madrid watch mbappe go to barca it’ll be the ultimate troll lol wouldn’t be surprised if messi and neymar are convincing him

  8. The fact that Mbappe still wants to play there with disgusting comments from Real fans and President is disturbing. Mbappe you literally have found out what this club is about…don't ever ever go there..Punish them as Messi has…he owned that stadium.

  9. He has the right to stay to PSG, BUT he shouldnt have released a comic book about his dream of Madrid and entertain the hopes of Real Madrid's fan and execs for so long.

    He'll never be accepted by the fans, look at the treatment Bale got for one mistake after winning 4 UCL.

  10. Mbappé will make it to Real Madrid. The club wants him, he wants to play in the club.
    Everybody should just take a chill pill.

    Mbappé only remained at PSG to try to win a Champions League with a french club. French star winning the Trophy with a french club. He wants to leave a Champions for his country. Thats it.

    He is going to be an ambassador for the 2024 Olympics too.

    He didnt betrayed Madrid, as he will sign in the future.
    The amount of money PSG is paying him with the new contract is further proof of what lenght the french team had to go to make him stay.

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