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  1. Dudes, as a Chelsea fan I was gutted to lose to Madrid. However, RM beat PSG, Chelsea, Man City, and Liverpool. That’s a hell of some top ass scalps to nail on the wall. Real Madrid deserves their due respect for what they achieved and EARNED. No easy draws. They flexed and deserve props for the W.

  2. It's a bit like saying do not cheer or celebrate winning a cup semi final until you actually win the cup. We should all just stay quiet and go home. What a bunch of hypocrites. You all know very well we all celebrate and gloat at our rivals if we beat them in a cup semi final. That's clearly before we've even won the cup so you're all talking bs imo.

  3. We got beat Real just knew exactly what they needed to do they didn’t panic they had a game plan and executed it . Liverpool just looked like they weren’t ready subs took longer than it should of just looked like off all this talk that Real low blocked I mean no shit Real are the older team they woulda got worked by half time .

  4. Klopp so overrated. In 7 years 1 Premier League, 1 Champions League, 1 FA Cup and 1 League Cup (and in both finals they failed to score). Imagine if that happened to anyone managing United over 7 years they would be regarded as a flop. He's always making excuses.

  5. I dunno why Terry is laughing at Driftys claim (it is wrong) but Terry said the same stuff about them every round

  6. I wonder if the ppl making the decision do watch ball at all, imagine Esr and there no Mount and Trent and the young female they nominated James sister when she hardly even play and we have Fleming, and Charles that play week in week out

  7. So In the logic that if a team wins a 1 off game they the best , then Sheriff is better than Real Madrid 🤔 no obv they ain’t.

    I get rivals will laugh at any bad LFC result same as us LFC fans have been laughing all season at rival teams especially United 😅 but if u can’t agree in football terms LFC had a really good season , 2 trophies , chased down the best ever Prem side (sorry United fans) to a single point and lost a UCL final , not group stage or early knockout rd game , a final to a team who had 1 shot on target , then u jus some salty dead banter rival , like I said it was a good season and was close to an incredible season , but if ur close to something then your more likely to achieve sooner as oppose to a team finishing in 6th and dumped out early knock out rds in the cups , use logic guys.

    Essay over , and im switched off from footie until the United transfer window is closed 😎👊🏼

  8. When we talk, We talk about ourselves. When rivals talk they also talk about us too! We Are #LFC.

    Rats keep the bars coming bro. Yes I was one who backed my team to do #QuadruPool , we didn't manage it but the pride I take in our lads taking the league to last 15 minuted of the season, whilst only losing UCL final by a single goal. Rival fans are running their chops like ww won't go again for ut next season in a couple of month time. Meanwhile Manchester United who according to Rants, Rio and the whole fanbase thought they had passed #LFC as they finished 2nd last season and would be title challengers. 58 points Rants! When was last ucl final United been in the last 12 years?
    The guys you embrassed yourself the relief in your content trying to banter but it's shameful you running your chops. Terry we are winning the trophies. Name us another side EVER who we have been 1t points behind league leaders in January 14th yet take the league to final day? Whilst also making all 3 Cup competitions? We wouldn't of been able to do that if we didn't have the world best players in 6 positions on the pitch.

    Even under SAF, which Terry and fanbase claimed had the league greatest ever sides and players never got close to a quad 🤔

  9. Rants said he don't care that kids got gassed while expressions took time out to call it out. One brother is cool one is sick and bitter as his team is dead

  10. I agree trent and son should be included but ruiling out ronaldo because of 2 month period not like he changed games for man utd single handedly at 37 yrs of age. We would be 10th or worse without him. What the heck terry. Come on

  11. POTy nomination list' is just not Good enough son won spurs best player of season award and he is not even on nomination list while they included kane
    silva , Rodri desevres in nomination list

  12. If real madrid are the 8th best team then Van djik is worse than maguire. That is the actual level of delusion. At this point you cant take these guys seriously. You cant chat like a donkey and then say everyone has a right to opinion. These guys dont have a right to opinion because their opinion is just cancer. Only team outright better than madrid are City. Liverpool arnt even that good. PSG slap them 7/10 times if they are on song. CIty are defo better. Even chelsea can match liverpool. anyone watching the final as a real madrid fan never left any danger. Liverpool are so flat and dull. This is what happens when you gass up players like henderson, salah, diaz , keita and jota. No serious team is afraid of these guys. Even if madrid play the extact team with everyone ageing 3 years more, i'll still back them to beat this flat liverpool team comfortably. Noone rates them like that outside england

  13. Fine margins missing out on title by 1 point after City amazing comeback also Courtois had a worldie 9 saves!!! Theirs context to this if villa held on and we took a couple of chances against Real if would be completely different

  14. How dem 2 waste man can even think of going brutal just shows how red eye, bad mind and more importantly DELUDED they are. The hell did their teams do the past 5 years. Errrrr fuck all that's what. Move from me with this fuckery.

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