ESPN FC crew debate who Christian Pulisic is aiming his DIG at 🇺🇸

The ESPN FC and Futbol Americas crew talk through Christian Pulisic calling out the USMNT fanbase after a “poor” showing in terms of the attendance in their game against Morocco.
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  1. The thing that's a slippery slope for me, is he said not enough Americans in the stands. So if your rooting for Morocco your not American? He better think about what he says out loud!

  2. I went to three Copa America Centenario matches is 2016 as a group stage package. I think it was around $100 a match for lower level seats near midfield. How could they have the gall to charge nearly the same amount for a friendly, in this awful economy, no less?

  3. This show is so consistently bad. How are you gunna post a whole 14 min video about a comment Pulisic said and not start with that comment. Unwatchable as per usual

  4. Like Ale said, US Soccer and the bankrolled "stars" should buy sections of tickets and give to the local youth soccer clubs. Honestly I've only attended one friendly in my lifetime US/Brazil, paid $300+ for 2 nosebleed seats, haven't attended a game since. BUT I have traveled to, and shelled out $$ for more enjoyable ICC games like MUFC/Barca, Juve/Real Madrid, etc..I would rather pay to see actual stars and good football than the USMNT.

  5. Does U.S.have a pay roll? Why do they have to charge so much? Play a game in St.Louis,guaranteed sell out and pro U.S. crowd.

  6. Furthermore, worry about being competitive in the world stage like the USWNT are! You couldn’t finish a happy meal inside the box! Your team wouldn’t qualify outside Concacaf!

  7. Great and thoughtful questions to US SOCCER even down to the level of youth soccer. It’s always about money, but it’s not always about money. Well said gents 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  8. Ohio is a huge American football state. Baseball as well. Go somewhere like San Diego, LA, Florida, New York. A lot of people like football in these states and will probably watch

  9. Look at how the Mexicans promote their national team in our country vs how the media promotes our usmnt. Thats an embarrassment, the USSF should be promoting the USMNT left and right and reduce the promotion of other teams (AKA mexico). If the Mexicans don't like it, they can always get cable.

  10. Nah, let's be real…. he meant Americans … if youre at USA v. Morocco, and youre supporting Morocco, youre not American. There should never be more fans of our opponents than us….. USA

  11. I am starting to think there is a conspiracy going on in American sports. They are failing to promote football because they have a fear that the European sport might have more influence over the traditional American sports such as the NFL, NHL, NBA and MLB

  12. Americans don't like soccer???? 🤣 somebody call the cops this is shocking!!!🤣🤣🤣
    Also, love how the pundits make the "it was on a Wednesday" excuse, ever heard of Monday night and Thursday night football? how about , every night NBA playoffs?

  13. The sport is huge in the US now, but it isn't marketed/promoted correctly – probably because while talent and $ is increasing, the front office staff has not. But the cost was somewhat high for a mid-week friendly – it is competing against baseball this time period and baseball is cheaper. Pulisic and everyone else should ask why the fans are not there, given what players like himself are seeing when playing with their pro teams. But if Sounders can pack them in for CONCACAF, the USMNT team should be able to draw as well. Personally, I think the TV deals and coverage have sucked for the sport and leagues in the US. It's frequently easier for me to see a foreign match on TV than US pro ! It is a good point in some comments here that perhaps you should be hosting in cities like L.A., Atlanta, NY, or even Seattle where they have very successful MLS franchises and big fan support.

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